Cocaine Urine Sample

With the job market as it is, one of the biggest obstacles you can face is employments. Finding a job can take time and unfortunately most employers will require a drug screening, usually in the form of a urine test. If you have recently used any form of narcotics with in the past 3 months, you are at risk of testing positive. We are going to quickly go over a couple of drug metabolites, the time of detection and how to detox effectively.

We will also compare the amount of time it takes to detox naturally vs. the use of a THC Detox product.

Urinalysis the most common form of drug testing

Today we have a multitude of detection methods available from hair, blood, sweat and urine. The method used is can play a major role in accuracy as when as detection history. In the case of most drug testing, like employment, urine is common. This is because its cheap, fairly accurate and depending on the drug metabolite, can test for a longer history.

For example, when cocaine is used it is metabolized into benzoylecgonine which is detectable in urine for up-to 3 weeks after use. While THC and its metabolites can be detected in urine for 3 months or more. The detectable history of a drug is ofter long enough that the use of other more expensive tests is not really prioritized.

The Detox used for testing is CertoClear, a fiber based cleanser that comes as a packet of powder thats mixed with water and used 1 to 2 hour before needed. Test Results Below

Why THC remains in your system longer

You may have noticed the wide gap between THC and cocaine detox times. The reason for this is due to the way the body stores these metabolites. Some drugs like cocaine and opiates are usually flushed out quickly. If you have used cocaine or an opiate only once, your body can flush out all toxins within a matter of 3 days.

Note, although your body has disposed of the drug metabolite form blood, saliva and urine. All metabolites no matter use history will be trapped in hair follicles for 90 days.

Unlike almost all other narcotics, THC is not water soluble, it is instead stored in body fat. This is why it takes so much longer to clear from your body. As an example, lets compare one time opiate and cocaine use to one time THC use:

One-time use : Natural detox times

  • THC : 2 to 3 months
  • Opiates : 3 days to 1 week
  • Cocaine : 3 days to 1 week

Of course the length of time is extended drastically for cocaine and opiates with regular users. Even thought the mentioned drugs are water soluble, there is an accumulative effect.

Detection cut-off levels

All drug screenings have detectable cut-off levels. The purpose of cut off levels is to reduce the chance of false positives and accidental contamination. So, when detoxing for a drug test, the goal may not be to completely cleans out your system, but just to get bellow cut offs.

Why?, because of the time it takes to totally clear toxins. As Mentioned above, THC can take longer than 3 months. If your employer or future employer requires a screening, 3 months with no pay check may not be possible. So here are some of the cut-offs. THC : 50ng/ml, Cocaine (benzoylecgonine) : 300ng/ml, Crack: 300ng/ml, Heroin : 150ng/ml

Drug Detectable Cut off Levels

Detoxing from cocaine

Detoxing for a Drug Test

A popular 1 hour detox was used to compare results of a 5 panel urine screening. 5 panel urine tests check for the presence of THC, Opiates, PCP, Cocaine, and Amphetamines. After waiting some time to find volunteers we conducted the following test.

But firsts lets look at the requested volunteer criteria:

  • Male
  • 25-35
  • body fat range 20-25%
  • Regular marijuana user
  • Has used cocaine or opiates within past 2 weeks

We asked them to stay clear from all drug and alcohol use for one week before submitting urine samples. The following results show that even though there was a drop in levels, a detox product required to pass a urine test.

Volunteer 1 test results (no detox)

  • THC 300ng/ml
  • Cocaine 180ng/ml
  • Opiates 400ng/ml
  • PCP n/a

Volunteer 2 test results (detox product used)

  • THC n/a
  • Cocaine n/a
  • Opiates n/a
  • PCP n/a

As you can see the chances of passing are greatly improved even after one week, with the use of a cleansing product. For further information read the details on the following studies: