Coke linesCocaine is one of the most commonly used drugs in the U.S.  Its said that over 50% of young Americans, ages 15 -34 have tried illegal drugs at least one in their life. Cocaine is considered to account for more than half of those. Since Cocaine is such a widely used drug, drug testing and screening includes cocaine as one of the standard tested drugs. This makes cocaine and its metabolite, benzoylecgonine, one of the 5 included in a 5-panel test.

Detoxing from cocaine use can be complicated depending on the amount and duration used. In most cases, with casual use, Cocaine detox time takes less than a week or so. This is because Coke is a water soluble drug that can be cleansed out by drinking large amounts of water.

Passing a Cocaine Urine Test

Detoxing for the Purpose of Passing a Drug Test

Naturally detoxing takes time, but if your are trying to pass a drug test and have recently used cocaine, within the past week, drinking water to flush out cocaine may result in a false positive. Diluted urine in one of the many tests that are used to determine the validity of a urine sample.

Urine is considered to be diluted if its mixed with water or drinking a lot of water has flushed out minerals that are normally found in urine. This is because, drinking lots of water is a known issue and has been used in order to cheat tests in the past.

How to Pass the Cocaine Urine Drug Test

Since drug screenings are accurate in determining dilution, its important to replenish the minerals that have been flushed. In any case, flushing out the system with by drinking water is necessary.

Once you have decided to clean out cocaine from your system, its important to take the following steps:

  • Avoid any further drug use: By keeping away from Cocaine or any other drugs you can increase your chances of passing. Remember that even coming in contact with or being around a user may influence the test negatively.
  • Drink plenty of water: Water is the best way to flush out urine. By drinking as much water as possible, until the urine comes out clear, every toxin should be eliminated for a short period of time.
  • Replenish with a Detox Drink:  The minerals that are tested for in urine will also be flushed out. Its important to use a detox drink that can replenish minerals and vitamins and not trigger adulterant checks

MegaClean Detox DrinkDetox Drinks that Work for Cocaine

When flushing out your system, a detox product should be used. Unfortunately, some detox products may not work as well for cocaine or may trigger false positives. The slandered detox product may contain ingredients that trigger false positives, or may be considered adulterants if found in urine.

Mega Clean has been created to flush out heavier toxins, replenish minerals and vitamins and work within an hour after use. Due to its all natural formula, this product will not trigger for adulterants  It has also been tested for cocaine specificity and succeeded. you can purchased this product from the image link provided.

Its important to use a product that you know has worked or has a history of working as a successful detox. This will help you avoid false positives of even  positives for drugs. The road to recovery is windy with many turns and twists. Staying clean means keeping a positive attitude and avoiding pit falls.