Of all drugs that require what’s known as a “Medical Detox”, Cocaine and Crack may be one of the hardest to recover from. Because of the super powerful addictive nature of Cocaine, the detox process can take some time, depended on duration of addiction.

There are 2 reason for Cocaine detoxing:

  • For the purpose of passing a drug test when there is a possibility of failure due to use.
  • Cleansing the body of toxins in hopes of overcoming addiction.

Riding the body of cocaine metabolite is only the first part of a detox. Addiction requires mental strength and willpower to overcome. Once you have successfully cleared cocaine from your system, it’s important to understand that your work is not complete. It’s a long road, but with some effort and support from friends and family, anyone can overcome addiction, no matter the substance.

Once “Coke”, Cocaine is used, no matter the form, that includes Crack. The body started to rapidly break down the drug into its metabolites. These metabolites remain in your system for some time. They are then broken down further and excreted from the body through fluids.

The amount of time it takes to cleanse the body of all the metabolites depends strictly on amount, duration and frequency of use. You can speed up the process by drinking more water, exercise and proper nutrition. But, if you have a drug test, your rate of detox needs to can affect work or living conditions, examples would be pre-employment screening, parole drug test, court ordered screening, etc,..

Cocaine Detox for Drug Screenings

The time needed to perform a nature cocaine detox might not fit into this short time frame. For situations like this, one can use Detox Drinks that have proven effective for Urine Cocaine detox.

MegaClean Detox Drink

Due to the nature of Benzoylecgonine, one of the most tested metabolites, cleaning for a screening might take longer than normal. Even if you don’t normal use coke, this metabolite can stay in your system for days, making Cocaine use detectable in most screenings. Because of this, it’s important to take all precautions and use a detox.

Not all Detox drinks are the same, most are geared towards Marijuana and its metabolites. THC and other metabolites don’t function the same as Benzoylecgonine, the cocaine metabolite. Metabolites from Marijuana use are fat soluble and the rate of cleaning fat soluble metabolites is controlled by insulin. Most detoxes spike insulin stopping the breakdown of fat cells and halting the release into urine.

Benzoylecgonine is different, it is water soluble and is constantly being expelled through the bodies fluids. This makes the process more difficult to mask. This detox drink works for marijuana, Cocaine as well as other drug detox.

Detoxing from cocaineFinding a Cocaine Detox Treatment Center

Most addicts never really admit their addiction while addicted. This is important to remember. The best warning sign a potential addict can watch out for, comes from other. Don’t judge your addiction on your own, pay attention to loved ones. Do they tell you that you may have a potential problem or act a certain way towards you?

Never wait for things to get out of hand or hit ”rock bottom”. This term “rock bottom”, is used to frequently by treatment centers. This is because most recovering cocaine addicts wait too long before seeking help. This doesn’t mean you should be waiting around for the floor to drop before admitting addiction. Test yourself by making decisions to quit cocaine and sticking to it, if you can’t, it may be time to seek professional help.

There is no shame in seeking out treatment. By enrolling in a treatment center you will discover coping mechanisms that can help you overcome cocaine addiction. This may be a simple set of steps or a medication.

Medications for Cocaine Detox

In most cases medication isn’t required, but from time to time there are some that need additional help. Medications for cocaine detox can range from Anti depressants that can reduce withdrawal symptoms to muscle relaxers. They can also work in conjunction for severe withdrawals.

Because these medications can also lead to further addictions most Treatment Center will only use them as a last resort.