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Passing a Hair Drug Test with Detox Shampoos

Of all the forms of drug testing available, hair strand drug test is considered to be the most reliable and accurate. Recovering a sample is easy, saves lab time and testing. It is difficult to cheat and the results can produce a 3 month history on cocaine use. With all these factors it is quickly becoming a standard in the industry. Currently, the cost of testing hair for cocaine and drug use is still more than a UA, Urine Analysis.

Within the industry there is still a level of controversy over hair testing for Cocaine use. The detectable level of cocaine can be altered or even contaminated by cosmetic treatments. What makes testing so sensitive to alterations in the very small sample size, usually a cluster of no more than 120 strands (100mgs) are used for testing.

What are the Cut-off Levels for a Hair Drug Test?

When drug testing, we are used to the idea of measuring detectable levels in ng/ml. This measurement amount is usually used in urine, blood and saliva tests. With hair strand tests, the cut-off is measured in pg/mL. To give you an idea of how minuscule that is , 1 ng/ml is equal to 1000 pg/ mL

Natural Hair Detox Rules

Before we get into what detox shampoos work best, we need to figure out our drug history. When was the last time you have used drugs and how long have you been clean for. So there’s are easy rules you can follow to determine time needed to test clean.

First Rule: Growth rate effects testing times

Hair Follicle Test can give accurate results for the past 90 days or less, depending on hair growth rate. If you have been clean of any drug use for a minimum of 90 days or 3 months. You will test clean of any drug use naturally, without the use of any drug detox hair cleaners.

Exceptions to this rule. The 90 day rule is only valid with hair from the scalp / head. If a sample is collected from the armpits or any other area, you may possible test positive for a period of more than 90 days. This is because the rate of growth for pubic hairs is much slower.

Second Rule: Very recent drug use may not show up
It takes up to 10 days after the use of any drug for it to surface in the hair follicle. If you have only tried any drug once, no matter the amount, you won’t test positive for the first 10 days Max. Once again this has to do with the rate of hair growth.

Third Rule: Contamination

Because the detectable amount of drugs in hair is so small, you can still fail without ever doing drugs. Plenty fail drug tests because of contamination. This means, touching a drug and then touching your hair. Or even being with someone that is smoking drugs and it’s in the air. This is an example of how sensitive the test is. Always Wash Your Hair Right Before Getting a Hair Follicle Test. This way any out side / hair surface contaminants will wash off.

Fourth Rule: Use Scalp Hair only

Avoid using body hair at all costs. Its very hard to detox pubic hairs and pubic contain a longer history. Although some may required a sample from the chest, armpits, etc.., Personal grooming habits are not considered for testing. If your wax your body hair or shave your body hair, they cannot be tested and you won’t be judged by the lab technician. It’s your personal grooming habit.

Best Method – Best Hair Detox for Heavy Use. The Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid

Pass Rate: 80%

The Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid currently remains the best method for detoxing hair follicles. This method can take up to a week to do, but people have passed with only a few washings.

You can get one on TestClear. While the price is a bit high, in my opinion, it is actually better than any other available solution. Of course, it doesn’t give you 100% working method. The only 100% working method is not to use any drugs at all.

Detox Shampoo For Hair Drug Test: Moderately Priced

If The Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid is too expensive there are good alternatives for a quarter of the price. These alternatives are nowhere near as reliable as the Mc Method, but they don’t require Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid and are all-in-one products that make it easier. One way to improve chances with alternative detox shampoos is repeated use.

Stat Hair Detox

Pass Rate: 65%

Sarken Nutrition Stat Hair Detox Kit has been on the market for a long time and produces fair results. It’s a 2 step process that penetrates hair shaft and cortex for a better detox. One catch with Stat is that it’s not a permanent detox, hair strands are temporarily clean, for 24 hours.

It doesn’t damage your hair much. This makes it a good alternative for tests that are not crucial and failing isn’t life changing. For best results, buy 2 to 4 kits and repeat throughout the week of the test. Making the last cleaning right before the test.


Zydot Ultra CleanZydot Ultra Clean

Pass Rate: 45%

The cheapest alternative I would recommend. Zydot hair detox costs around or less than $20 and does a decent job of cleaning drug toxins from hair. Once again, the chances of passing are improved the more treatments you get in before giving a hair sample for testing.

So, if possible, it’s always best to perform the hair detox for a few days and once right before the test. Buy at least 2-3 kits for a more thorough cleaning.


Final thoughts on Hair Detox Kits:

The only real guarantee is to not do drugs. Although many products come with guarantees. It’s important to note that, drug users really don’t get guarantees. If you fail it’s because you did something illegal, so don’t expect much.

Any of these shampoos or methods damage hair. That means your hair will be basically fried after these treatments. Unfortunately, that the nature of the beast, the price you pay, pass or fail. Good Luck, Stay clear!