Your Guide to the GC/MS (Gas chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) Screening

What is GC MS Drug Test?

The gc/ms test is a preformed to gather more detailed and specific information on drugs that are detected. It’s a secondary step that confirms any drug metabolites that were detected by the initial screening. If the first test comes up clean, no GC-MS test is done. The cut off levels for a GC/MS Drug Test can be found here.

Will You Have to take a GC MS Test?

Under normal circumstances, your sample will not be checked with this equipment, unless.. Drug Metabolites are detected in initial test. If it is, your hair, urine or blood sample will be double checked by the GC MS screening. This will give detailed results, identifying what ever drugs are found.

Why is this test Performed?

This test is only performed because you failed the initial drug screening. A specific list of drugs is needed or further testing is required.

GC MS Drug Test Detection Times

The time it takes to detox for this type of screening depends solely on the drug, user and amount used. Every drug has a certain amount of detox time. The best way you can clear the time required to pass a GC/MS test is by not failing the initial screening, which is easier to pass.

GC/MS DrugTest

Will synthetic Urine Pass a GC/MS Test?

Here’s the catch, the GC MS will not detect synthetic urine. It’s specifically designed to test for drugs. It will not test the validity of a urine sample. Does that mean Synthetic urine is a safe bet? No, the initial urine test, will test for synthetic, fake or diluted urine. If your sample is found to be fake from the initial screening, you fail, no further testing is needed.

False Positives

The GC/MS will “not” produce a false positive. Once the first screening turns up dirty, or with any drug metabolite, its scanned with this method. The whole idea behind the GC MS is to reduce the chances and rule out a false positive.

Fooling or tricking the GC/MS

Here is the thing, you cannot pass the GC/MS, period. No matter what you read online or tips your buddy gives you. This test is so delicate the smallest amount of any drug is detected. Diluting urine will not work here. So what can you do to pass?, easy pass initial screening, rule out the GC MS.

How Long Does the GC/MS Take?

The results usually take 2 to 3 days depending on volume. The Initial test is usually done in a day, but can be performed within a hour.

MegaClean Detox DrinkHow to Pass the GC/MS Drug Test?

The best way to pass any drug test is not to do drugs. But if you find yourself in a situation that is out of your power and will be tested, there’s only one way to pass the GC/MS screening.

That’s by not taking it. You must make an effort to pass the initial drug screening and never go as far as taking the confirmation drug test. The best way to pass is by drinking plenty of fluids and using a Detox one hour before giving a sample. By, diluting urine by drinking water, you can  go well below the cut off levels. Using a detox drink will replenish your urine with minerals that are tested for.

The minerals tests are checks for dilution. Just diluting urine will fail!