Adderall XR 15mg

The abuse of prescription medication has rivalled that of common street drugs. The real danger associated with prescription drugs is “Trust”. I must be safe, if the doctor has prescribed it. Unfortunately, may have learned that prescription drugs like Adderall can be as addictive and damaging as “street drugs”.

If you have used adderall for any length of time. You may have notice how addictive it can be. Quitting adderall can be difficult, especially if you have been using it regularly for sometime. We will outline a few steps you can take to cut down or better yet quit cold turkey. But first let’s look into what adderall really is, why it’s used and its potential dangers.

What Is Adderall?

The generic name for Adderall is  “amphetamine salts”. It is actually made of of a combination of Methylphenethylamine and dextroamphetamine. These drugs are more commonly know and associated with the street drug “Meth”. That should give a good idea of it’s potency and addictive nature.

Adderall is prescribed for a handful of medical conditions. From narcolepsy, attention deficit disorder to work shift sleep disorder. The ever expanding list of “disorders” that are treated with adderall has made it easy to obtain with or without a prescription.

Safe Alternative to Adderall

Alternative to Adderall Buy AdderPlexAttention, memory, focus and mental clarity is something that we can all benefit from, but without the adverse and addictive effects of prescription strength drugs. Adderplex has proven to be effective in boosting all the benefits without the risks. It has also proven to be a great way to help alleviate so of the withdrawal symptoms.

Instead of using pharmaceuticals,  AdderPlex is a mix of natural supplements that support brain function and increase focus. Do your research and read the reviews, you will find this to be a great alternative

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Quitting Adderall

It’s important to inform your doctor first for medical advice. Although the steps towards quitting are generally the same for everyone. You may be different, avoid any adverse reactions by consulting with your doctor.

Should you wean off or go cold turkey?

This question is one you may be best suited to answer. If you have been using adderall for some time, your body may have developed a strong dependence. In this case, the withdrawal symptoms may be too difficult to handle. If you have only used for a short term, quitting cold turkey may be easier.

The symptoms of quitting adderall can be uncomfortable, but generally are not dangerous.

An otherwise healthy individual cannot die from adderall withdrawal, so you should be safe. Don’t use that as a reason to use. I would also like to state that you don’t need to make a definite decision as far as cold turkey or cutting back doses. Also, don’t expect to recover too quickly, it can take a week or a few weeks to completely overcome addiction.

Steps to Quitting Adderall

  1. Speak to your doctor: Consult with a medical professional. Describe the issues and concerns you are having.
  2. Suggest lower Doses: Your doctor may be the best judge, but request lower doses or better yet a set of “step down” doses.
  3. Decide on a date:  Know your triggers and find a period of time, one to three weeks, when you will be clear of stress and triggers.
  4. Stay Busy or Relaxed: Although most will suggest keeping busy to stay distracted from cravings, that may not be the best advice. If you have been using adderall to boost your production, staying busy maybe a trigger.
  5. Weaning/Cold Turkey: Follow the plan outline by your doctor. In general, cut your usage in half for the first week. The do half of that or none at all.

What to Do After You Quit

You have have started using adderall to combat ADHD, as a study aid or to boost your productivity. The problem is, it’s addictive and studies have shown that long term effects can actually damage the brain. You can get adderall-like effects from nootropics without all the associated risks.

Nootropics are a classification of drugs/supplements that must meet the requirements of boosting brain functions and be neuro-protective. Making a great choice for anyone that’s getting off adderall or looking for a substitute.