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How Long does Cocaine Stay in Your System, Urine Test

Cocaine Urine SampleHow long is Cocaine Detectable in a Urine Test

Urine testing for the presence of drugs and any other banned or illegal substances is very common. This is due to the fact that urine analysis is simple, fast, accurate and very cheap. A potential employer, for example can collect a urine sample and receive results in less than a day. This makes a UA, “Urine Analysis”, the go to drug screening for employers, workplace accidents, welfare or any other situation that requires testing on a large scale.

Unless informed otherwise, most Urine tests check for the presence 5 different metabolite. This is call a 5 panel test or screening. Cocaine is of course one of the 5 drugs that are tested.

How long is Cocaine in Urine

In most cases cocaine is only detectable in urine for 12 to 72 hour after it was used. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. Besides the obvious time, amount and duration of use, we must consider how drugs have evolved over time and how screenings have advanced to work around these issues.

First, all drugs have increased in potency. This is because stronger more potent drugs are more in demand and drive sales. This has also lead to the development of synthetics. Dealers are known to taint a batch with cheaper synthetic compounds that enhance the potency of cocaine. Some of these synthetics linger longer in the body than cocaine itself.

Second, due to new synthetic drugs and adulterants, labs have widened the spectrum of urine tests to introduce the tested of metabolites that do not directly indicate drug use, but do trigger false positives.

When Will Your Urine Test Clean

Of course the only truly guaranteed way to pass a urine test is not to do drugs. In some cases, you may have decided to quit but have not been given the time required to detox your system. If you think this may be your issue, let’s look deeper into your situation.

How often have you used Cocaine?
If you regularly snort coke, meaning more than once a week, it may take longer to clean out cocaine metabolites. Regular use, over time will result in a buildup, or a stacking effect that can increase the detox time by weeks, even months.

How much Cocaine have you used?
Large amounts of cocaine use will result in higher saturations of cocaine metabolites. Of course this means more time is needed to detox. If you don’t normally use coke or had a one time “binge”, expect 2-3 days before it drops below detectable levels.

Are you active?
Staying active and well hydrated can speed up the process. Sweating and frequently urinating helps your body expel toxins. If you’re constantly peeling body fluids and replacing them, the quicker you will be able to test clean of any drug use.

How To Detox Cocaine For a Urine Test

As mentioned the only real way to test clean for cocaine use is not to do coke. Other ways is to drink plenty of water, exercise and lead a generally healthy lifestyle. If time is an issue, you can use a number of drinks, pills or cocaine detox kits to speed up the process.

One of the most effective 1 hour detox drinks is This one here. It’s known to act fast and within an hour after use. You can increase the effectiveness by drinking a lot of water before using. In most cases it best to drink water until your urine is clear and continue drinking until one hour before giving the urine sample. At that time a detox product can be used to replenish the body of any naturally produced minerals that are usually present in urine.




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