Over the years there have been a lot of methods created to pass drug tests when the outcome might be questionable. One of the most recent and popular methods is know as the Certo, or Sure Jell Drug Test Method.

When compared to other “At Home” or DI drug test methods, certo seems to give the best results. Although it’s far from guaranteed, The Sure Jell method has easy to follow instructions with ingredients that are readily available at any grocery or convenience store. There is really only two main ingredients needed the others are added to increase the chances of passing by a small margin.

Certo Drug Test InstructionsSure Jel pass drug test

This should be fairly easy to follow, if you have any questions, or need more input check out , THCClear.com’s Certo Drug Test Method. This site is was the original source for this method and has the longest comment thread out, with about a million questions and answers.

Since THC Clear covers this fairly well, I will keep the run down very clear and concise.

Ingredients Needed

Must have:

  • 2 Packets of Certo or Sure Jell
  • 2 32oz Gatorade Lemonade flavor


If you’re not exactly sure what certo or Sure Jell is, don’t panic. It’s actually a fruit pectin used to make jelly and jams. Although it might seem like a niche product, it’s usually available every where. If you’re not sure which isle it is in your grocery store, just ask, it’s super common.

Certo vs. Sure Jell vs. Fruit Pectin, no comparison they are all the same just different brand names. So grab which ever you can, and while you’re at it, grab a couple of 32oz bottles of Gatorade.

How To Do Certo Drug Test Method

Step one:  Step one is always to drink as much water as possible before giving a urine sample.

Step Two: If you’re lucky enough to have at least a day’s notice you can start here.

The night before your test, before going to sleep. Drink some of the Gatorade, just enough to pour in one packet of certo. Shake it up, you should notice it starting to gel and drink.

Step Three: This is the day of the test. Drink water and continue drinking and peeing until one hour before. At that point, mix the next pack of Certo / Sure Jell / Pectin with the other 32oz Gatorade just as the night before. Drink the Gatorade and start heading towards the lab.

Optional Step: Take a multivitamin and include a scoop of creatine powder with the last bottle of certo mix. This will add minerals that are usually present in urine. Decreasing the chances of a false positive from diluted urine.

*You should have a window from one hour after drinking the Certo mix to two hours. It doesn’t matter how many times you pee after drinking it.*

The Other Ingredients

Ok, so if the original Certo method doesn’t really call for these additional steps / ingredients,  why should you bother. For one, Certo is not foolproof, people have failed using the Certo/Sure Jell Method. For the most part the original steps were followed, but none the less, drugs were detected in the urine sample or there was a false positive for drugs.

Your body is constantly trying cycling fluids. This means you’re constantly in a flush state. More off if your need to pass a drug test. This is because you should be drinking more water than normal. This will not only help you flush out toxins, you will also lose minerals that are natural detected in urine.


There are a few other precautions you can take to increase your chances.

  • Don’t do drugs
  • Take added vitamins and supplements before
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Deley or by as much time as possible

Like I mentioned before, Certo / Sure Jell method works, but not 100%. There really is only one way to pass, be clean. Another is by using a proven detox product like this one.

Good Luck, let us know if it worked for you!