In this Clear Choice Sub Solution review, I’m going to tell you why it’s been the best fake urine product you can buy for many years.

You’re going to learn exactly why Sub Solution is so good. You’ll learn what in it, how it’s heating system is far better than other brands, why it helps to evade more drug tests, and why the instructions for using Sub Solution are so simple.

You’ll also learn about a new product from Clear Choice urine, sub solutions big brother synthetic urine product called Quick Luck. I’ll compare the two, and tell you if the extra money is worth spending.

On top of all that, I’m going to give you a little known new tip that will help you to practice in advance of your drug test to make using Sub Solution even more certain to help you pass.

About Clear Choice Urine

Clear Choice Sub Solution has been the number one best synthetic urine brand for several years now. It’s outstripped the competition for several key reasons I’ll cover in a moment.

Clear Choice also makes Rescue Cleanse, one of the most high-quality detox drinks you can buy as well. So the company itself has a high level of skill and determination in helping people to pass urine sample drug tests.

So you have Sub Solution, Rescue Cleanse, and now a new product called Quick Luck, all from clear choice urine, which are simply the best avoidance products available.

Why Is Clear Choice Sub Solution So Good?

Sub Solution is the outstanding brand of synthetic urine and has been for several years. The reasons it works so well are:

  • It’s the most complex formula on the market
  • It contains urea, uric acid, creatine, and 14 other chemical markers found in urine
  • It’s within the correct pH range
  • Sub Solution falls within the correct specific gravity range for human urine
  • The look, smell, and froth of the liquid is very similar to human urine
  • It uses heat activator powder rather than a less reliable heatpad
  • Sub Solution doesn’t contain biocide

Let me just cover the last point about biocide. It’s a preservative that is used in a lot of products. It’s also used in a lot of synthetic urine products to extend the shelf life.

It was rumored in 2018 that the big testing labs had realized that by checking for the presence of biocide during the initial validity tests, they could rule out nearly every brand of synthetic urine at step one. Sub Solution is one of the few brands that definitely doesn’t contain biocide.

On top of all that, Clear Choice urine update Sub Solution every single year. So the formula is revised based on information about the latest drug testing checks.

Sub Solution Review: My Last Drug Test

I used Sub Solution to pass a drug test in April. So I know I wasn’t using the latest formula. However, I passed the drug test with ease. Not even a second look, no problems at all.

So not even the latest formula passed through the scrutiny of the latest drug testing standards. It wasn’t even a basic pre-employment drug test, it was a considerably more complex 12 panel drug test management promotion interview process.

For me, it just gave me peace of mind. It looks, smells, and even froths like human urine. You wouldn’t be able to see the difference at all.

When you add to that the fact you don’t have to mess around with a heatpad, that you can keep it at exactly the right temperature (human urine exits the body at between 95°F and 100°F), using heat activator powder, and the reassurance of the complexity of the formula, just made it a no-brainer for me.

I will just talk about the heat activator powder. It’s brilliant. The number one reason why people fail drug tests is that the fake sample is too cool. They use a heatpad, but it fails or isn’t consistent, or they simply forget to check-in panic before they go in.

Heat activator powder agitates the liquid as it dissolves, gently raising the temperature. Adding about a third of the heat activator powder to the sample will raise it to within the right temperature range. So it is brilliantly simple to ensure the temperature is always submitted within the correct temperature range.

Sub Solution Instructions

To show you how easy it is to use Sub Solution, here are the exact instructions you need to follow to use Clear Choice Sub Solution successfully:

  1. Add warm water to the powdered urine and shake very gently in the supplied plastic mixing bottle.
  2. Take a look at the sample temperature using the high-quality temperature strip on the sample bottle. If it’s not registering, then it’s probably too cool. You may not want to bother raising the temperature right now, and because of the heat activator powder, you don’t have too.
  3. If you want to, you can microwave the sample to get it within the right temperature range, and then strap the sample close to your body so keeps warm, and then head off to the submission location.
  4. Just before you go in, check the temperature. If it’s cooled, or you didn’t bother warming it anyway, just add heat activator powder until it is around 96°F, but no hotter than 100°F. You are now guaranteed to pass a urine sample drug test.

Sub Solution Urine Vs Quick Fix 6.2

A lot of people worry that Sub Solution is quite expensive. It costs $80, which is why people then look at Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix as an option because Quick Fix only costs $40.

Quick Fix is a decent synthetic urine brand with a good track record. If you’re just going for a basic pre-employment drug test then it could be plenty good enough to pass.

But it’s let down because its formula isn’t that complex. If your sample faces any sort of deep scrutiny, then it will be picked up as a sample that requires further analysis.

Also, Quick Fix uses a heatpad. It’s a decent heatpad, but there have been reports of them failing. Plus, with the heatpad only option, you don’t have a Plan B. With Sub Solution using incredible heat activator powder, you simply don’t have to worry about the sample being submitted at the wrong temperature.

For more info check out my Quick Fix review.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Luck

Before I conclude this Sub Solution review I want to do a comparison of Sub Solution Vs Quick Luck as well. Quick luck is even better than Sub Solution, which is saying something.

Don’t get Quick Luck next up with Quick Fix though. Quick Luck is the updated formula from Clear Choice, so it’s like Sub Solution on steroids.

It costs $100. It’s premixed, and it’s a slightly more complex and updated formula than Sub Solution. So you are getting the very latest in synthetic urine that most closely mimics human urine.

You also get the heat activator powder. But you also get supplied with two high quality heatpads as well. So if you do want to keep it warm using a heat pad travel to the lab, you’ve got that option.

Quick luck is the best option for having synthetic urine on you all times. Because it’s premixed rather than a powder like Sub Solution, and because it uses heat activator powder, it means you don’t need a water source and you can get the sample to the right temperature even with just a couple of minutes on your own. It’s perfect for on-the-job testing.

Where To Buy Sub Solution

 So look, the conclusion of this Sub Solution review is that it is the second best synthetic urine brand on the market. As you now know, Quick Luck is now the most complex and best.

But for any type of reasonable drug test Sub Solution is plenty good enough and you don’t need to spend the extra $20 unless you want the ultimate in convenience because Quick Luck is premixed.

I will also mention that if you buy Sub Solution or Quick Luck from Test Negative (the people who make it), then you can also now buy something called “the practice kit”.

This kit contains everything Quick Luck does apart from the urine. So you get the bottle, the heat activator powder, and heatpads. If you buy it as a combo deal with Sub Solution or Quick Luck, you can get it for a very low price.

What you get in it will allow you to practice warming up water and transporting it to see how easy it is to do, and how long it will stay warm for. This will allow you to develop the best strategy and build your confidence ready for the day of your test, meaning you don’t waste Sub Solution before you need it. It builds your skills effort free to pass the test more easily.

So now you can see why Clear Choice Sub Solution has been the number one best synthetic urine product amongst those in the know for many years. Only recently surpassed by Quick Luck, it’s still head and shoulders above rivals in terms of complexity and guarantees.