Mouth swab drug tests are both the easiest to avoid and the most dangerous type of drug test to face. I’ll explain the contradiction in this guide on how to pass a mouth swab test right now at the start.

The mouth swab drug test is one of the easiest to avoid because there are strategies you can use, and also drug detection times in saliva are very short.

But they are also more dangerous because anyone can administer one without special training. Also, and oral drug test can be done on the spot, so it’s perfect for roadside drug testing or on-the-job drug testing. Basically, incredibly dangerous as you may get less than a minute’s notice it’s going to happen.

So let’s take a look right now at how you can pass a mouth swab drug test, including strategies you can use, and telling you about a product that can neutralize your saliva even with somebody standing right in front of you.

How Far Back Does A Mouth Swab Test Go?

The good news is that the question around how far back does a mouth swab drug test go is not long at all. In fact, 48 hours or less unless you are incredibly unlucky through being a heavy smoker or user.

There are some factors which will influence how far back a mouth swab drug test can go:

  • The amount of a drug you take
  • The frequency of your drug use
  • The type of drug (average detection time varies between types of drug)
  • Your metabolism and general health
  • The amount of fluids you have consumed
  • Exercise taken (sweating and speeding up your metabolism)
  • Who you are, your genetics and personal response to drugs

But unless you are a chronic smoke or user, a mouth swab test will not detect drug metabolites after about 48 hours, and for lighter users most drugs are undetectable after as few as 24 hours. Let’s take a look at the list of average drug detection times in saliva for a moderate user:

  • Cocaine up to 24 hours
  • Benzodiazepines up to 24 hours
  • THC up to 48 hours
  • Opiates up to 48 hours
  • Amphetamine 48 hours
  • Ketamine up to 48 hours

What Happens When You Take A Saliva Drug Test

So what actually happens when you take a saliva drug test, how do they administer one on the spot, and why is it so dangerous?

You don’t need special training to administer a saliva drug test. You just need to know where to swab in the mouth. Basically that’s around the gumline, preferably inside the gumline and around the underside of the tongue. This makes sense as it’s the low point in your mouth, the most likely place where saliva and metabolites will congregate and get trapped.

They get a mouth swab and they rub it inside your mouth to get a saliva sample. They then test it against a panel kit and that will tell them in about two minutes whether any of the detectable substances have been found.

So the mouth swab drug test is dangerous because it’s instant to administer, and instant to get results from. But thankfully, it’s also easy to outwit.

How To Try And Evade A Saliva Drug Test

If you know the mouth saliva drug test is coming, then you can prepare. As long as you haven’t taken any drugs in the past 24 hours, or 48 hours to be safe, then you’re probably going to be clean anyway.

But what you can do is to drink plenty of water, like swigging water every five minutes or so. Urinating frequently, exercising, generally working the metabolites through your system.

You can also brush your teeth frequently. Do this several times a day leading up to a test, and on the day before you go to have the mouth swab test done. Make sure you focus on the gumline, and do it frequently. You can also swill a mouthwash around several times as well to enhance the effect of toxin removal.

You can also try and interfere with the drug testing process.

As you now know, they’re going to try and take the sample from inside the gumline, or along the gumline mostly. They may try and do it under your tongue, or at least along the base of the inside of your cheek.

So what you need to do to try and avoid that is to get them to take the sample from higher up in the mouth. You can do this by pretending you’re coughing, gagging, or just gently pulling away as they put the mouth swab in. Anything you can do to try and get them to be less decisive.

Using Home Remedies To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

The thing I just want to blast out of the water right now is using home remedies to pass a saliva drug test. Home remedies can’t get rid of drug toxins. So it doesn’t matter what home remedy you try and use to pass a mouth for a drug test, none of them work.

The only exception to this is liquid generally. But it’s not about what liquid it is, it’s just that you are flushing your mouth out and swallowing the toxins that are in your mouth. Because the toxins arrive in your mouth as saliva is created, by flushing your mouth out you are pushing them into your digestive system to be processed as waste.

But more than that, the more liquid you drink, the more availability there is to make saliva, meaning you process things faster, and that includes the drug metabolites.

But the bottom line here is that when it comes to learning how to pass a mouth swab drug test, please don’t look around for home remedies because none of them work. Clean your teeth, use mouthwash, drink tons of liquid, but don’t fall for any of the online stupidity you might encounter.

Products That Pass A Mouth Swab Test

So let’s look at how you can pass a mouthful drug test using professional products. All of these will help you to pass a drug test:

  1. Get yourself some home saliva drug test kits. They are cheap and they will help you to know if you’re going to test positive or not. An at-home saliva drug test is easy to do, you’ll understand how they will probe your mouth if you are tested for real, and you’ll just see how the whole process works.
  2. You could use a specialist oral mouthwash. There are plenty of brands out there, like Ultra Klean and Toxin Wash. these are all pretty good, and will neutralize the saliva far more effectively than standard mouthwash. They are cheap to buy, costing $40 or less. On the downside though is discretion. If you’ve got notice of an oral drug test and you’ll be fine as long as the test is administered within 30 minutes, otherwise the effectiveness wears off. On top of that, although the bottles are small, you have to unscrew the lid, put the liquid in your mouth, swill it around, spit it out, and then dispose of the lid and the bottle as well. None of that is particularly discreet or quick to do.
  3. The third option is saliva neutralizing gum. For me, in telling you how to pass a mouth swab test, this is the option I would recommend. The only brand out there that really works is called Oral Clear. Now Oral Clear is expensive. You will pay $90 for a single piece of Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum. Also, it’s not gum at all. It’s actually a small capsule of concentrated neutralizing liquid. You put it in your mouth, pop the capsule, swill the liquid around, work it around the gums with your tongue, and then you swallow everything. So Oral Clear is easy to use, and it’s discreet because there’s no waste you have to dispose of. But better than that, Oral Clear can be used when there is somebody literally in front of you, making it the only viable option if you’re faced with an on the spot drug test, which could be after an interview or on the job. Have the capsule in your pocket, reach in and cup it in the palm of your hand. Then cough and put your hand to your mouth and pop it in. Then cough again, bite the capsule as you cough and start swilling the liquid around while you have your hand of your mouth. Apologize, stop, but don’t swallow. Then start to cough again, turn away again, repeat the process and then swallow the lot. In just 30 seconds you can neutralize your saliva even with somebody in front of you.

Oral Clear is also the best way to pass a mouth swab drug test if you have roadside drug testing in your country. Have it with you, and by the time the cops get to your car, your saliva will be neutralized.

Also, because Oral Clear is just a capsule, there’s no way they can prove you’ve done anything. As long as they don’t see it in your hand, you can claim it was just standard chewing gum and that you have swallowed it. There’s literally nothing that they find on you to prove that you have evaded the drug test.