Mega Clean cleansing drink is a very popular detox product, mainly because it’s been around for a lot of years and is sold in Walmart but also because it’s got a good track record in working. So in this Mega Clean detox review, I want to tell you exactly what your chances of passing a drug test are if you use it.

Everything is not completely clear with Mega Clean though. For a start, there’s a misconception around what it does in the first place. So I want to clear up that for you here.

I also want to tell you about the most powerful way to use it, and the tips you need to follow to stand the best chance of getting clean for your drug test.

I’ll also tell you about my own experiences with Mega Clean, and conclude this Mega Clean detox review by telling you about a couple of detox drink alternatives I’ve also used and recommend.

The Detoxify Range Of Detox Drinks

Mega Clean cleansing drink is one of the ranges of products from a company called detoxify. It can be a bit confusing because they all look and sound very similar. But there are some significant differences:

  • Ready Clean 16oz
  • Xxtra Clean 20oz
  • Mega Clean 32oz
  • Mega Clean NT 32oz
  • Mighty Clean 24oz

I can tell you now that it’s the same formula in all of the products apart from Mighty Clean. So the less liquid you get, the less effective it will be.

That’s why Ready Clean and Xxtra Clean are really only good for people with very light toxin exposure, or people with small body size.

Mega Clean NT is more expensive than standard Mega Clean, but all you are getting for your extra money is a single meta boost capsule, a single detoxification capsule that is meant to make it more powerful. But for me, there is simply no way that just one pill can do much.

Mighty Clean is a different formula, and it’s three separate 8 fluid ounce drinks. But in testing, it’s no more effective than Mega Clean, so I don’t see why you need to spend the extra money, especially when I tell you a trick for making Mega Clean more powerful.

How Mega Clean Detox Works

The most important part of this Mega Clean review for me is to tell you how Mega Clean works because I don’t want you to get caught out. Mega Clean cleansing drink is not a full detoxification program. You don’t drink it and then all the drug toxins leave your body completely.

All Mega Clean does is to mask the drug toxins for a few hours. It does this by flushing out the toxins in your bladder and then making sure the nutrient balance remains normal, so there’s no way that it can be detected as an altered sample.

It does this by flooding your body with nutrients so that they just passed straight through your kidneys, so that even though your urine has been flushed out completely, what replaces it looks normal.

But after a few hours, depending on how heavy your toxin exposure is, toxins still in the body will start to be processed and appear in your urine again. So detox drinks like Mega Clean cleansing drink are actually just masking agents that last a few hours.

Don’t Buy Mega Clean Without The Free Detox Pills

Earlier in this review of Mega Clean, I said I would tell you a quick trick to make it more powerful.

That trick is to buy it online from this online store. If you do, you will get the bottle of Mega Clean bundled up with six powerful pre-rid pills.

The pre-rid pills push out far more toxins than you can naturally, meaning that more toxins are eliminated before you take Mega Clean. So there will be fewer toxins on the day of your test for Mega Clean to push out and mask.

You can buy Mega Clean in Walmart, or from online stores. But on its own, it’s not the most powerful detox drink, and barely better than Qcarbo32.

On its own, you are taking a higher risk. But simply by planning in advance, by buying it online with the pre-rid pills, you can turn it into one of the most powerful detoxification/masking options out there.

Mega Clean Instructions

 Most detox drink instructions are pretty straightforward, you just have to make sure that you plan enough time before your drug test, and also that you drink the cleansing drink close enough to your drug test to be effective.

So the Mega Clean instructions you need to follow are these:

  1. For 48 hours before your drug test (if you have that much notice), abstain from all toxins, and do a natural detox. Eat well, sleep well, don’t take in any drug toxins, and exercise. Also, drink plenty of water.
  2. During the 24 hours before your test take the powerful pre-rid pills bundled in with Mega Clean detox drink from my recommended seller. Continue drinking water, and urinate frequently.
  3. Also during the final 24 hours, if you are a weed smoker, then eat a fatty meal. Fat creates bile, and weed metabolites readily bind to bile and are then drawn out the bladder. So go get yourself several burgers.
  4. Two hours before your drug test (or as close to that as possible if you might have a longer journey), the next step of the Mega Clean instructions is to drink a bottle of Mega Clean swiftly over about 15 minutes.
  5. Refill the bottle and drink that water over about 15 minutes as well.
  6. Over the next hour urinate as frequently as possible. I’d say three times in an hour is the absolute minimum here. Once you’ve urinated several times the drug toxins in your bladder will have been eliminated, and you should then have clean urine for up to 5 hours.
  7. Get to the drug testing facility as quickly as possible and submit your sample. In my experience, the heavier your toxin levels, the less time you’ve got.
  8. A little tip from me is always buying a home drug test kit as well. After you’ve urinated several times make sure that you do the home drug test kit. You will then know if Mega Clean cleansing drink has been effective. If it hasn’t, drink more water. Or, plan in advance and have a second bottle of Mega Clean handy to repeat the process.

Detoxify Mega Clean Vs Xxtra Clean

Because both are readily available in Walmart, a lot of people wonder about Mega Clean Vs Xxtra Clean.

For me, they are incomparable. Mega Clean cleansing drink is a full-size and powerful detox drink, whereas Xxtra Clean is a much smaller bottle of the same liquid. So you are paying less, but you’re getting less, which means it’s less effective at pushing out toxins and maintaining the balance.

I would always advise that if you are up for a drug test then spend the extra money on getting a full 32 fluid ounce bottle of whatever detox drink you choose. If you don’t, you’re just not getting enough liquid to flush out the toxins completely, Even before you start worrying about replacing the nutrient balance that’s been lost in the process.

Alternatives To Mega Clean Cleansing Drink

The conclusion of this Mega Clean detox review is that it is a pretty good detox drink. Does Mega Clean work? Yes, it does, but on its own, it’s only just better than the outdated and unreliable Qcarbo32.

But if you buy it with the six pre-rid pills, then you really are getting a strong combination that will work far better. The pre-rid pills push out so many toxins that Mega Clean has far less to deal with on the day of your test.

Just make sure you trying to 48 hours cleanse where possible. However, the 24 hours with the pre-rid pills are often enough unless you have very high toxin levels.

Someone with high toxin exposure is taking in toxins daily, or at least every other day if you only doing something once a week, or a couple of times a week, then you will have low toxin exposure.

But there are alternatives to Mega Clean out there which are more powerful. Rescue Cleanse is only $55 and on its own, it’s nearly as powerful as Mega Clean and the pre-rid pills, but not quite. But it is plenty good enough for almost any level of toxin exposure.

The best cleansing drink on the market is Ultra Eliminex. It’s more expensive than Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean, but it is a more powerful formula. If you’ve got $80 for a detox drink, then buy it.

However, Mega Clean is definitely a very good option. It works, it’s widely available, and as long as you get it with the pre-rid pills (or if you’ve got light toxin exposure allow a 48-hour detox), then it should be good enough to pass a drug test.