This Quick Fix review is going to give you the lowdown on why it’s one of the most popular brands of synthetic urine. It only costs $39, so how good can it be?

In this review of Quick Fix, we are going to cover everything you need to know. Why synthetic urine is so good to pass a drug test, what is in Quick Fix that will help it to fool a lab technician, how to use it, and discuss why some people claim that Quick Fix failed.

On top of all that, in just five minutes you’re also going to learn where to buy Quick Fix, and I’ll also tell you about to really high-quality alternatives to Quick Fix, should you decide that it isn’t your best choice to pass the complexity of drug test you are facing.

What Is Quick Fix?

 Quick Fix is a popular brand of synthetic urine. It’s made by a company called Spectrum Labs. It’s been around for about 20 years, it’s always been one of the most popular synthetic urine products, and has a long positive track record.

It’s available in a 2oz standard size, and a larger 3oz size called Quick Fix Plus. My first piece of advice is always to buy Quick Fix Plus. It’s only $10 more, costing $39, and it will cover your back because some drug testing labs ask for a bigger sample size than 2 fluid ounces. Plus, what happens if you spill a bit more you’re trying to submit it?

But basically, the reason is popular is because Quick Fix has a long-term pedigree. It’s not the most complex formula on the market now, and some people do claim that Quick Fix failed them, which I don’t doubt.

But further on in this review, I will talk about how the reason it failed for those people may not be because Quick Fix is a poorly formulated fake urine.

Quick Fix contains all the main ingredients that you need to mimic human urine:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatine
  • Is within the correct pH range
  • Falls within the correct specific gravity range
  • Looks like human urine
  • Contains other chemicals found in human urine

Why Synthetic Urine Is The Best Way To Pass A Drug Test

 When it comes to passing a drug test, you have three options available to you:

  1. You do a full detox. This can be completely natural or accelerated by using detox pills. The basic endgame is that you will have no drug toxins in your body, meaning you can pass any type of drug test. But it takes time, sometimes a couple of weeks to achieve natural cleanliness, and most people don’t get that much notice.
  2. You can use a detox drink. This is the easiest way to pass a drug test, but it has the highest chance of failure. You have to pick the right detox drink, and you have to really do a couple of days of detox before the day of your test to give you less work to do. Detox drinks work and are a very convenient option, but they do carry an inherent risk of not completely masking the toxins.
  3. That leaves us with the third choice of using synthetic urine. As long as it’s complex enough to pass the validity tests by the lab, then it’s effort-free. Your only risk is in getting caught smuggling it in or submitting it at the wrong temperature. If you can avoid both those problems, then you don’t have to go through the pain of natural detox, or worry that you haven’t masked the toxins. That’s why synthetic urine brands like Quick Fix for drug tests are so popular.

How To Use Quick Fix For A Drug Test

 It’s actually really easy to use Quick Fix for a drug test, and as long as you follow the helpful tip I’m about to give you on avoiding the most common way that people fail drug tests using Quick Fix, then you should be fine.

  1. Quick Fix is premixed, so all you have to do is put it into the microwave for about 30 seconds to warm it up. Check the temperature strip and if it’s not registering microwave it for another 10 seconds or so. If it’s still not registering, you could have overheated it. Leave it to cool, and then microwave it for less time.
  2. Activate the heatpad that comes with it, and attach it to the sample. You get an elastic band with the kits to do this, but I would suggest using tape to make sure you only have a single thing to deal with at the lab, and you aren’t worrying about the heatpad becoming detached.
  3. This is my top tip to avoid the biggest problem with synthetic urine generally. Before you go into the testing facility check the temperature strip. If it’s not near the top end of the acceptable temperature range (between 90°F and 100°F), then you need to heat it up a little bit. Take a flask of hot water with you, and simply pour it over the sample to raise it by a few degrees. That’s the biggest reason why people say Quick Fix failed, and it’s the easiest thing to fix.

People Say Quick Fix Failed?

I’ve just covered the main reason why people go online and say Quick Fix failed. But that’s a problem with them not submitting it within the right temperature range, rather than failing of Quick Fix urine itself.

Sure, it could be a faulty heatpad. It’s still possible to get it up to the right temperature as long as you take the simple precaution that I’ve outlined here. Plus, if you have strapped it close to your body on the way to the lab, it’s only going to be a few degrees below where it should be because of natural body heat.

So Does Quick Fix Work?

So the basic conclusion of this Quick Fix review is that Quick Fix works. It’s not the most advanced formula on the market, and I’ll talk about a couple of more complex synthetic urine products in a moment.

But for a basic pre-employment drug test it should be plenty good enough. When the people commissioning the test are only paying for a basic scrutiny level, then the lab is not going to invest too much time or money in the testing.

Take a look online, and you will see lots of people saying that they passed urine drug tests using Quick Fix. This has been the same for years, and even in this era of advanced digital testing, for basic pre-employment tests, it’s still passing regularly.

Where To Buy Quick Fix

So before I finish this Quick Fix review by telling you about a couple of alternatives the more complex in the formula, I want to tell you where to buy Quick Fix.

I’ve bought it twice to pass pre-employment drug tests, and both times I bought it from

My reasoning is that it’s an official seller of Quick Fix, and you know that you getting Quick Fix that’s well within date. It’s also a great price, and you’ll get rapid delivery in the USA.

Quick Fix Alternatives

So having told you that Quick Fix works, I want to offer you a couple of more complex Quick Fix alternatives to consider.

The first is Sub Solution (review here). It’s made by Clear Choice, and it costs $80, double the price of Quick Fix. But the chemical formula is far more advanced. If you are facing any type of advanced drug test, or you just don’t fancy the increased risk of the lower complexity of Quick Fix, then it’s money worth investing.

The second product is Quick Luck. It’s also made by Clear Choice and is the more advanced brother of Sub Solution. It costs $100, but you’re getting the ultimate kit. It’s premixed, comes with 2 heatpads, and there is nothing more complex you can submit.

The other thing that makes both this brilliant alternative is you can’t get a heatpad failing problem. They both use heat activator powder. So when you arrive at the testing lab, you can simply tap in some heat activator powder before you go in, and raise the temperature to within the correct temperature range. If you want to, you can also then attach a heatpad.

You could do all this at home, it’s really up to you. But the combination of complexity and the easy ability to keep the temperature within the right range takes away both of the problems people can experience using Quick Fix.

So for me, they are better alternatives, and Quick Luck is definitely the synthetic urine I will be using next time I face a urine sample drug test.

But if you simply can’t afford these more expensive products, or you don’t think they are needed for the test you are facing, then the conclusion of this review of Quick Fix is that it’s been plenty good enough for me and thousands of others for years and still works.