And easy way to pass a drug test is to use detox drinks for a drug test. They are very easy to use because they can be consumed in a matter of moments, and last for hours. But have to understand the limitations around using detox drinks if you’re to not get caught out.

In some situations, detox drinks may not be suitable at all. So in this quick guide, we’re going to talk to you about when it’s best to use a drug test detox drink, how to use it, the detox drinks to use and avoid, and where to buy them.

Plus, we will cover how drug metabolites work in the body, how quickly they exit it naturally, and what other strategies you have available to you to pass a urine sample drug test, especially at short notice.

How Metabolites Exit Your System

Whenever you take any type of drug, the active chemicals contained within it are converted by the body into waste products called metabolites.These drug metabolites start in your bloodstream and then work their way out of your body through your saliva, liver, and kidneys. They then exit through sweat, stools, but mostly through urine.

The exception to this is cannabis. Most drug metabolites exit through urine, but with cannabis, it’s been found that around 60% of waste metabolites actually exit through the bowels. This is because cannabis metabolites are structured differently to most other drug metabolites. They bind to bile and fat, which means they are drawn out through the bowels.

However, that statistically ignores the fact that up to 40% of waste cannabis metabolites still exit through urine. So anything that claims to draw out more weed metabolites, by targeting the bowels, simply cannot get rid of all the metabolites unless it addresses the problem of them in your urine stream as well.

What Does A Detox Drink Do?

A huge misconception around detox drinks is that people think they genuinely detox you. They think that you drink the drink and within a few hours, the drug toxins have all completely left your body, leaving you clean.

That’s not the case at all. All a detox drink does is to mask the toxins in your body. And it does this only for a few hours.

What happens is that the drink itself flushes the toxins out of your bladder. You then urinate to get rid of them completely. You could do that with water to an extent, although it would not be as effective. Plus, your sample would then be diluted and would be found suspicious by the testing lab.

However, the power of a detox drink is that it overwhelms the body with nutrients found in and naturally balanced urine. Things like creatine, plus various vitamins and minerals. It overwhelms the body with these nutrients, meaning that they are passed straight through the liver and kidneys as waste products, so they go straight into your urine stream for elimination.

So a good quality detox drink has the power to flush out the toxins and to maintain a natural appearance in the balance of your urine if it is tested.

The downside is that this effect only lasts for a few hours. As your bladder fills with more waste products from the body, so drug metabolites in your body could start to appear again. Usually, a detox drink will only guarantee will keep your urine clean for up to 5 hours, and for heavy drug users, this time clean is often far less.

Can You buy Special Detox Drinks For Weed?

So now I’ve explained how a cleansing drink works, then you can more easily see the answer the question around if there are detox drinks for weed, special drinks that target THC.

The answer is no. There is no such thing as THC detox drinks or marijuana cleansing drink. Sometimes you will see poor quality ones marketed as being able to target THC to get you to spend money on them. However, they simply don’t work that way.

As you’ve seen, a detox drink flushes out everything in your bladder, not just weed metabolites, not just drug metabolites, everything. It then maintains a natural balance and appearance, but only for a few hours.

So if you see any detox drink, or even a detox pill, that says it can specifically target THC metabolites, then walk away, because it is a marketing trick.

How To Use A Detox Drink For A Drug Test

Before I turn specifically to the best detox drinks for drug test use, I want to tell you broadly how you use a detox drink.

Basically, the instructions are the same whatever drink you use. Occasionally the drink will ask you to refill the bottle and drink the contents of it again, so doubling the volume of liquid. However, that’s not a universal instruction, and it’s the only variation, so pay close attention that part of the instructions on the bottle.

Generally, detox drink instructions are:

  1. Avoid taking in drug toxins for as many days before the day of your drug test as possible. At least 48 hours is a sensible minimum.
  2. Do a natural detox during the 48 hours, or preferably longer, before the day of your test. Eat well, sleep well, drink lots of water, urinate frequently, exercise, do everything you can to help speed up the removal of toxins from your body.
  3. Don’t eat anything for at least four hours before you drink the detox drink. This will allow the liquid to work its way through your system quickly, and all in one go, meaning that the overload of nutrients that will keep your urine balanced will all hit your bladder in one go.
  4. Drink the contents of the detox drink over about 15 minutes. If you have to refill the bottle and drink that, do that over about another 15 minutes.
  5. Over about the next hour, urinate as frequently as possible. As a minimum, you should try and urinate three times, to make sure that all the drug toxins that have been flushed through your bladder are eliminated from your body fully.
  6. You will then have a clear window of opportunity, usually another 2-4 hours in which you can submit a urine sample that will be clean of drug metabolites. Ensure you get to the drug testing lab as quickly as possible, and if you are delayed at all make sure you drink more water, to help keep flushing your body through.

A top tip is to always make sure that you have home drug test kits handy. These only cost a few dollars, and can be bought cheaply on eBay and Amazon, or from the same places as high-quality detox drinks can be purchased.

Take one before you drink the detox drink to see if you will actually test positive. Then complete the process outlined above for using a detox drink, and then test yourself again.

Make sure you have a Plan B in place as well. If you test positive after you have used the detox drink for a drug test, then it’s wise to ensure that you have either another detox drink handy or a box of synthetic urine.

Detox Drinks To Avoid

Before I tell you about the top three brands of detox drinks, that are great detox drinks for weed and all other types of drug metabolites, I want to tell you about the detox drinks you should avoid.

Probably the biggest one you should avoid is Qcarbo. It’s widely sold, even in Walmart, and so it’s very popular. You’ll read about it online as well because it’s heavily marketed. It’s not a good detox drink and has a high failure rate. It’s better than nothing, but you should only attempt to use it if you have nothing else available.

Another drink that is available in Walmart and widely marketed online is the range of detox drinks called Stinger Detox. The pricing is strange, the marketing is also strange, but they have great looking packaging, and people fall for that.

But they don’t work well, they aren’t powerful detox drinks. So again, if nothing else is available then it’s better than nothing, but it’s like tossing a coin between success and failure.

Generally, you should never buy detox drinks from non-specialist online stores. Places like Amazon and eBay are rife with fake detox products because of the high profits to be made. You can create a copy of the detox drink using colored water for less than a dollar, and then sell it for 20 times that amount very quickly.

Best Detox Drink Brands For A Drug Test

3.Detoxify Mega Clean

The first detox drink I’m going to recommend to you is called Mega Clean. It’s actually not the strongest detox drink on the market, and on its own, it is a slightly more powerful version of Qcarbo. It’s also sold in Walmart.

But on its own, it is the best available detox drink you can grab if you are facing a drug test on short notice. But if you have time to prepare, then you can buy Mega Clean is a combination deal which is very powerful.

You can buy Mega Clean from here for 69$ bundled up with six powerful Toxin Rid pre-rid detoxification tablets.

Toxin Rid is very powerful, and the six tablets allow you to do a 24-hour detox. So if you can do the specified 48-hour natural detox, and on the second day take the six pre-rid pills with lots of water, you will push out a lot of toxins.

That leaves fewer drug toxins in your body on the day for Mega Clean to deal with. So on its own, it’s not the best detox drink for a drug test, but bundled up with the free pre-rid pills, it’s certainly become one of the most powerful options out there. You can read my detailed Mega Clean review here.

2.Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

My second recommended detox drink called Rescue Cleanse. It’s made by Clear Choice, the company who also make Sub Solution, the top brand of synthetic urine. So this is a high pedigree product.

Rescue Cleanse costs about the same price as Mega Clean, one bottle costs 55$ but is a slightly more powerful formula on its own. So you won’t necessarily need pre-rid pills, it should be good enough on its own to mask drug toxins.

However, I would recommend if possible that you always use detox pills for a couple of days where possible. You can buy Toxin Rid in one, two, and three day course durations, so I would try and buy those and do a detox before consuming the detox drink on the day.

Even if you can’t do that, Rescue Cleanse on its own is probably the second most powerful detox drink option you have to try mask toxins so you can pass a drug test.

I’ve used Rescue Cleanse to pass a drug test last year, it was a basic pre-employment test, and I did a 24 hour detox. However, I’m a chronic weed smoker, but I passed the test. So this stuff really does work. Click here for my full Rescue Cleanse review.

1.Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

So drumroll, and leaving the most powerful drink to last, my third recommendation is Ultra Eliminex.

Ultra Eliminex is made by Herbal Clean, the same people who make Qcarbo. But don’t let that put you off, it’s not even just updated formula, it’s totally different, and it’s completely different in power. This formula is potent, you don’t need additional water, and on its own, it’s the best option for passing a drug test.

My friend used this six months ago to pass a drug test, and I have used it for home testing and tested clean using a home drug test kit. It’s a very powerful formula, and it definitely works.

It’s the most expensive, costing $80, which is around $25 more than Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean. However, even without a 24-hour detox, it still passed a home drug test kit for me. So if you have to face a urine sample drug test at short notice, then this is probably the most powerful option you have. For more info, check out my Ultra Eliminex review.

Alternatives To Using Detox Drinks

I hope that this quick guide to using detox drinks for drug test success has been useful and that the three recommended detox drinks I’ve mentioned will give you some food for thought.

I did mention Sub Solution synthetic urine a moment ago. Sub Solution is the number one brand of synthetic urine on the market and is a great alternative strategy to detox drinks.

If it’s a supervised drug test, then synthetic urine is not a viable strategy, so you’ll have to use a detox drink. If it’s unsupervised, then the complexity of Sub Solution, mixed with the heat activator powder which ensures that the temperature will always be within the human urine temperature range, makes it a safer option the detox drink. If its your first drug test, check out my synthetic urine review for more info.

But if you simply don’t have the confidence to submit a fake sample, then one of three high-quality detox drinks I’ve mentioned here will definitely work.