Because it’s a huge retailer and people think you can get almost anything from it, then drug detox products are something people assume they can get from Walmart, and they will be good quality. So I’m going to help you with that assumption, by telling you about the best drug detox kits Walmart sell.

When we are talking about Walmart drug test kits, there’s no such thing as a real kit. What you can actually buy are detox pills, and detox drinks. So do the brands available at Walmart stack up?

If you are facing a drug test and assuming that you can buy a drug test products at Walmart, then you might be in for a bit of shock here. Don’t worry, I’ll talk you through the pills and drinks you can buy, tell you which is best, and also offer you some alternatives to consider.

Methods For Passing A Drug Test

So let’s start this off by talking about Walmart’s drug detox products generally. When you want to detox to pass a drug test, you have three basic options:

  1. You can submit a fake sample of synthetic urine. Walmart doesn’t sell any synthetic urine products.
  2. You can drink a detox drink. This masks the toxins for a few hours. It doesn’t genuinely clear out the toxins from your body for good, it only lasts a short space of time. That’s a common misconception I need to make clear to you here because a lot of people get caught out thinking that they just drink the detox drink and then they are clean of toxins for good.
  3. The third option is to do a proper detox. This means stop taking in drug toxins, eat healthily, living well, drink plenty of water, and give your body a great chance of passing out toxins at a fast rate.

But then you accelerate this further with detox pills. So when you are looking for Walmart detox pills, you are looking for something powerful enough to push out far more toxins than you can usually achieve, meaning that when you face your drug test you have literally zero drug toxins in your body (or at least far fewer so a detox drink has less to mask on the day).

Drug Detox Drinks At Walmart

So as Walmart doesn’t sell synthetic urine, the most common strategy is to use a detox drink. So what are the options if you’re looking for Walmart sold drug detox drinks?

Well, to be honest, it’s pretty awful. I’ll be honest here, from my knowledge over the past few years, I’ve narrowed down the brands of a detox drink that work reliably to just three, with a couple of less powerful ones that can work for people with lower toxin levels.

When you put that information up against the myriad of cleansing drinks Walmart sells, then you can see why it’s such a huge industry, with lots of people making money out of selling low quality rubbish sold at high volume.

Most of the detox drinks available for sale at Walmart are nothing less than water, coloring, and a few ingredients that don’t really have the power to flush out drug toxins and replace the nutrient balance lost so that your sample appears natural.

Please, please do not buy detox drinks from Walmart like Champ Flush, Zydot Ultimate Blend, or Stinger Detox. They all look good, but they all have an incredibly poor track record. Their formulas are just not strong enough to push out the drug toxins AND then maintain the balance of your urine.

The best of the bunch from Walmart is Mega Clean. I’ll talk about mega clean more in a little while because it deserves to be talked about in depth.

But the second-best option is Qcarbo32. It’s not a great detox drink, it used to be one of the best, but formulas have moved on and become stronger. If you have no other option, then it might work, especially alongside detoxing for a couple of days. But it’s not brilliant, and you probably stand about a 70% chance of passing if you use it.

Buying Mega Clean From Walmart

Before I move on to talk about Walmart detox pills, I want to talk to you specifically about buying Mega Clean from Walmart. It’s definitely the best detox drink that they sell, but there’s a word of warning here about its power.

Mega Clean is a good detox drink, certainly better than Qcarbo32 on its own. However, still not as powerful as the two best detox drinks on the market: Rescue Cleanse and Ultra Eliminex.

But the problem with buying Mega Clean from Walmart is that they don’t sell it with the six powerful pre-rid pills that you can get with it if you buy them from TestClear.

Those six pre-rid pills are powerful Toxin Rid pills, the best detox pills you can buy. You do a 24-hour detox with the pills, and it pushes out more toxins, leaving Mega Clean less to do on the day of your test. It’s a powerful combo, but it’s not available from Walmart.

Walmart Detox Pills Explained

So the bad news is that when it comes to building a drug detox kit from Walmart products, the detox drinks part of that, masking the toxins on the day of your test, comes down to using Mega Clean or Qcarbo32.

The quality gets even worse if you’re looking at buying Walmart detox pills. I certainly cannot think of a single one I would recommend.

Some have excellent names like “High Voltage Fast Flush Toxin Eliminator Capsules Pills Detox”, which sounds awesome. Even more awesome when you can pick up that product for nine dollars. Six capsules, easy to do, and it’s a “fast flush toxin eliminator” apparently.

But it’s rubbish. They are all rubbish. All of those cheap Walmart detox pills are not really designed for drug tests, or if they are, if they pretend to be like High Voltage does, then they are just selling you rubbish that doesn’t work.  Vale Detox, Herbal Pre-Cleanse Q Caps, all of them are awful.

Consider the fact that Toxin Rid, the most powerful detox course you can buy, costs $190 for the 10 day course, which will get even the heaviest weed smoker clean in about a week. Do you really think you’re going to pick up that power of detox pills at Walmart, or anything approaching it, for nine dollars, or $20, or even $40? It’s just not going to happen.

Should You Buy Walmart Drug Detox Kits?

I really hope this has been helpful, and I’m sorry if it’s come across as a bit negative. But the best drug detox kits Walmart sells are still awful quality, and I don’t want you guys to get caught out.

My conclusion for you has to be if you’re looking at Walmart detox pills, all of the brands they sell are low quality. Most are marketed as general supplements, and certainly not designed to try and eliminate drug toxins, and those that claim they are just don’t work.

It’s the same story with detox drinks. Mega Clean and Qcarbo32 are the best of the bunch, but even Mega Clean is better bought from TestClear because of the Toxin Rid pill combination deal you can get the same price.

The Best Drug Detox Products Cost Money

The bad news I have to break to a lot of people I talk to is that the best drug detox products cost money. You can’t spend $20 on a detox drink, or $20 on detox pills, and hope that it will eradicate drug toxins from your body, or even mask them for a few hours.

The best synthetic urine out there, Sub Solution, or even better Quick Luck, costs $80 and $100 respectively. Both of these are the best options to pass a drug test anyway. You’re not taking a gamble on submitting your own urine, and the formulas are so complex that they are almost impossible to detect as fake.

In terms of detox drinks, Rescue Cleanse 32oz, made by Clear Choice who also makes the two brands of synthetic urine just recommended, costs about $55.  It’s a really strong formula, and I’ve tested it myself using home drug test kits, as well as having successfully used it for real drug test.

The best of the bunch in terms of detox drinks is Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex. It costs $80, but it’s a strong, potent formula. I haven’t used it live in a drug test myself yet, but I have the home tested it for the purposes of reviewing it. It worked for me as a chronic weed smoker even with no pre-cleanse detox leading up to it.

So look guys Walmart drug detox products are almost universally second class. For a start, there’s no such thing as drug test kits from Walmart, or anywhere else, you have pills, drinks, and synthetic urine.

Sure, you can combine pills and drinks. You use the pills to clear out most of the toxins, then you use the detox drink on the day of your test to make sure that any that remains a mask, with the pills basically makes the job of the detox drink easier.

But as I’ve already described, Walmart detox pills are utterly useless, and I would only ever recommend Toxin Rid as a proper course of detox pills to take instead if you are serious about using pills to detox.