There’s been a lot of buzz about this detox drink. Ultra Eliminex reviews are saying is the most powerful detox drink you can buy, but is that true?

So let’s take a look in detail at Ultra Eliminex detox. I’ll tell you the exact Ultra Eliminex instructions you need to follow, including things you can do to give yourself the best chance of passing and compare it to other detox drinks I’ve used.

Plus, we will answer the crucial question: does Ultra Eliminex work, while also telling you what the best strategy for using a detox drink is.

What Is Ultra Eliminex?

Ultra Eliminex is made by a company called Herbal Clean. They don’t actually have the best track record nowadays, being responsible for a lot of low-quality detoxification products.

If you look at sites like Walmart, GNC, places like that, you’ll see tons of Herbal Clean detox pill/supplement products for a very low price. None of them really work very well, which has given the brand a bad name.

Also, their detoxification drinks aren’t great either. The most well-known, which is sold in Walmart, is called Qcarbo (available in 16 and 32 fluid ounce sizes). They have an increasingly poor track record.

This is why Herbal Clean has now made an improved detox drink formula: Ultra Eliminex detox. It has a completely different set of ingredients to Qcarbo and seems to be the “real deal”.

How Ultra Eliminex Works

When you drink it, it flushes out the toxins in your bladder. At the same time, it replaces the lost nutrients by flooding your system, meaning that these nutrients pass straight into your bladder.

So the result of drinking one is that you are clean of toxins for a few hours.

But it’s only a masking agent, it’s important to realize that after a few hours toxins working their way out your bloodstream through your kidneys and into your bladder will start to reappear.

Ultra Eliminex Instructions

 So let’s take a look at the exact Ultra Eliminex instructions you need to follow:

  1. If you’ve got time, and you should if you have bought this stuff in advance because you can only buy online, do a 48 hour detox. That means stop taking in drug toxins, eat well, live healthily, and importantly, drink plenty of water and urinate frequently. If you’re weed smoker, make sure that you eat foods that are fatty as well, and pass stools frequently as well because weed metabolites also pass out through the bowels.
  2. On the day of your test, the first step of the Ultra Eliminex instructions for use is to smoothly drink the contents of the bottle over about 30 minutes.
  3. You don’t need to drink any additional water with Ultra Eliminex. So you can then just start to urinate as frequently as possible in the hour after you have finished consuming it.
  4. You should then be clean for up to 5 hours. So it’s really simple to use, and it is incredibly effective.

How I Passed Drug Tests

For me, it’s important you try and do at least a 24 hour natural detox before the day of your drug test, longer if you can. This will pass out more toxins leaving less for detox drink to do. Even a powerful drink like Ultra Eliminex detox could struggle if you have a high level of toxins in your body.

I passed a live drug test using a detox drink called Mega Clean alongside Toxin Rid detox pills.

I took the three-day course of Toxin Rid alongside doing a natural detox. I knew I would be riddled with drug toxins because I’m a heavy smoker. So I wanted to do that, so I invested in the detox pills.

But before my test I also took the pre-rid pills you can buy with Mega Clean online the night before. Then on the day I drank Mega Clean and took a home drug test kit, and I was clean. This was verified by the live drug test result.

So the absolutely safest way to do this is to drink Ultra Eliminex only after doing at least a 24 hour detox, and preferably longer. Toxin rid the most powerful pills I can recommend to you, and they do one, two, three, four, and five day courses for short-term toxin elimination programs.

Ultra Eliminex Reviews Are Right

 Ultra Eliminex is the most powerful detox drink you can buy. It’s got great reviews online, and the buzz around it is justified.

But please take my advice, don’t just drink it and go and take your drug test. You must detoxify as much as possible, as long as you’ve got the notice obviously.

Even if you can’t do detoxification beforehand, Ultra Eliminex is so powerful that unless you’ve got really high levels of toxins in you, you should get at least a couple of hours clean after drinking it. So just make sure you get to the lab as quickly as possible and submit your sample before fresh toxins start appearing.

Do yourself a favor though, and plan in advance. If you know you’re going for a new job, get the stuff in your house so that you are ready when you know you’ve got an interview, so you know if you suddenly get called in for a drug test at short notice, you have got stuff to pass with.

Get yourself a bottle of Ultra Eliminex, and at least a one day course of Toxin Rid (you can order it here). My advice is to buy the three-day course because you can always just do the days you have available and keep the days left for another occasion.

If you’ve got the money, buy the most powerful products, that’s the same with anything. Toxin Rid is the most powerful detox pill, Ultra Eliminex is a powerful detox drink. Together they are almost unbeatable.