When you look at the cost of Toxin Rid, then the obvious question to ask is: does Toxin Rid work? Well, I’m going to tell you the answer that question based on my research, and my own personal experience in this detailed Toxin Rid review.

I’ll talk to you about the full Toxin Rid 10 day detox course, and how it compares to the five day detox kit, alongside the other course durations as well. This will help you to work out which length of Toxin Rid course is best for you. I’ll also give you the exact detailed instructions you need to use toxin rid successfully.

On top of all that, I’ll tell you what detox pills to avoid, and why Toxin Rid is so much better than them. Plus, you’ll learn about three crucial tips that you need to use to make passing a drug test using Toxin Rid alongside a natural detox even more certain.

What Is Toxin Rid?

Toxin Rid is a course of powerful detox pills. A detox pill works by accelerating natural processes in your body and helping to draw out more toxins.

It helps to draw out more toxins by containing a range of all-natural ingredients that closely link scientifically to drawing out toxins from the body. Some increase how quickly toxins are processed, others to keep the body’s filtering systems (liver and kidneys) working at peak efficiency, others increase urine frequency, basically a combo of powerful ingredients that helps to push the toxins out faster.

It’s available in a range of course lengths from a single day all the way up to 10 days. This review is mostly going to cover the details around using the Toxin Rid 10 day detox. But it is possible to use shorter durations.

However, I wouldn’t look below the five day detox kit as a solution to a full detox, unless you have very light toxin exposure. I’ll talk about this more in a moment.

Toxin Rid is very widely used and has been available for a lot of years. I’ve used myself, and that’s what I’m basing this review on. I used it to pass a drug test just over a year ago, and my baseline was doing just a natural detox a couple of years previous to that.

Are There Better Detox Pills Than Toxin Rid?

 Toxin Rid isn’t cheap. The full Toxin Rid 10 day detox course costs $190, so it’s a big investment. However, if you’re serious about passing a drug test, then nothing is going to be better at achieving that and being completely clean of drug toxins, basically not having to mask them at all.

So when you are spending that sort of money, you’ll want to know if you getting the best detox pill on the market. For me, with Toxin Rid you definitely are.

The closest rival is Rescue 5 day detox. That’s far cheaper to buy, but it’s only five day course, although there are three additional steps which basically make it an eight day course. Overall, it’s definitely a second best option when compared to Toxin Rid.

There are also plenty of detox pills out there that you should avoid. I would suggest you avoid anything from Walmart, Walgreens, anywhere like that. They just sell generic detox pills designed as healthy living supplements. None of them are powerful enough to push out the toxin levels required or to be able to target the drawing out of drug toxins in the way that Toxin Rid can.

Do I Need The Full Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox?

Look, I’ve also tested a couple of other detox pills and Toxin Rid has always been the best in terms of producing results the fastest. There are about 10 main detox pill brands on the market that you could consider, but with some research, like me, you would quickly see that Toxin Rid is always the one that people talk about most positively.

So let’s say you have decided to go with Toxin Rid. Do you need the full 10 day Toxin Rid detox, or could you get away with something as low as the five day detox kit?

Well, a number of factors will feed into the decision:

  • What is your overall exposure to drug toxins
  • How recently have you taken in drug toxins
  • How fast is your metabolism
  • How healthy are you
  • What level of body fat you have (especially if you are a weed smoker)

If you are a small framed person, who eats well, drinks plenty of water, exercise, and smokes a few times a week, then you could be clean naturally in about two weeks, often less time than that. But for a bigger person, that could be one month, or even longer.

I’m talking about cannabis metabolites specifically here. But for other drug toxins, the time is usually shorter. If it’s cocaine, even chronic use can usually be completely eradicated through a natural detox in about two weeks, but most often other drug metabolites completely the body in about seven days.

So the benchmark is around a week. So you are looking at doing the seven day course at least. And if you are a chronic weed smoker, then you would always be best advised to go for the full Toxin Rid 10 day detox course.

Full Toxin Rid Instructions

 To use Toxin Rid correctly, you will need to do a natural detox at the same time as the course of pills. A natural detox consists of doing the following every day:

  • Not taking in drug toxins
  • Not smoking, drinking caffeine, alcohol, or other toxins
  • Eating healthily, things like lean protein, high fiber, vegetables and fruit
  • Cutting out sugar, poor quality carbohydrates, and fat
  • Exercising every day
  • Sleeping well and being emotionally well

Doing this will ensure that Toxin Rid has the best base on which to work. You simply cannot get the most out of Toxin Rid unless your body is working at its optimum already. And it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be taking in drug toxins otherwise you are literally undoing the work you’re doing.

So once you’ve started a natural detox, then start the Toxin Rid 10 day detox, or whatever length, of course, you have chosen (again, I’ll say less than seven days isn’t going to be enough unless you are really a light user) then the Toxin Rid instructions are as follows:

  1. When you wake up, take three Toxin Rid pills with 8 fluid ounces of water. Repeat this every hour for the first five hours of the day. For the rest of the day make sure you drink plenty of water and follow the rules I’ve outlined for a natural detox.
  2. Repeat step one for the length of the course, so for 10 days if you are going for the full Toxin Rid 10 day detox kit. Continue to drink plenty of water, don’t take in toxins, and eat healthily (small portion sizes).
  3. On the last day of the detox course, two hours after you have taken the last set of three Toxin Rid pills, mix up the detox drink supplement. You do this with 16 ounces of water, although they do say you can use fruit juice but I would avoid that. Drink half the liquid, then wait two hours.
  4. After two hours, and making sure you have not eaten or drunk anything in this time, drink the other half of the detox liquid. Then urinate frequently for the rest of the day and drink plenty of water.
  5. On the day of your test, you can take the optional dietary fiber supplement. I would recommend you definitely do this. Two hours before you go to submit your sample, mix it with 8 ounces of water and drink it down quickly. Then drink another 16 fluid ounces of water (or a detox drink if you have to use that insurance policy on top of the natural detox/Toxin Rid course).

Toxin Rid Review: Tips To Follow

So look, if you have done the full detox, at least a seven day course, or a five day Toxin Rid detox kit if you are small or have light toxin exposure, then you should be fine. If you’ve done the full Toxin Rid 10 day detox, then that should be enough for any level of toxins.

But there are three additional things you can do to help yourself. Insurance policies to make sure you are genuinely going to pass a drug test:

  1. Make sure you get your hands on several cheap home drug test kits. My advice is to do one at the halfway stage of your Toxin Rid program Then do one every other day until the end of the course. I would also advise you to keep one back to do just before you leave for your drug test.
  2. Have a backup plan. If you do that final drug test just before you leave, and it tests positive, then for some reason the course hasn’t worked. It could be that it hasn’t been long enough the toxin levels you have, or you’re just unlucky and are retaining drug toxins that are periodically working their way out. Get yourself a high-quality detox drinkMega Clean $69 or Rescue Cleanse $50 are great choices. They can then be used to mask any remaining toxins.
  1. Eat lots of fiber if you are just a weed smoker. Although you get the dietary fiber supplement with Toxin Rid, and the Toxin Rid pills contain fiber, that’s not nearly enough. You need to eat an all-bran cereal every day, wholegrain bread, and make sure that you eat high fiber vegetables, things like green beans, and fruit like bananas.

The reason for this is cannabis metabolites are unique in that the majority of them are drawn out through the bowels rather than the bladder. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about urine sample drug tests though, as up to 40% of cannabis metabolites do still get removed from the body through urine.

However, a high fiber diet creates more bile. Cannabis metabolites attach to bile, which attaches to the fat, and is then drawn out through the bowels. The more fiber you eat, the more metabolites that will be drawn out through the bowels.

Does Toxin Rid Work

So look, does Toxin Rid work? Well, for me, in my experience it did. I’ve done a natural detox before, I’ve used detox pills before, and I’ve used Toxin Rid.

I’ve also been a chronic weed smoker for the past decade. I’m talking a couple of little ones during the day, and then a huge one every night. That’s seven days a week.

A natural detox took me about three weeks. Other detox pills simply didn’t work at all. Rescue 5 day detox worked, but I only tested clean from day nine after continuing with a natural detox.

Toxin Rid got me clean in eight days. I did the full Toxin Rid 10 day detox course and I tested from day five. I took a test on day seven and wasn’t clean, but I was on day eight. I then left it until day 10, and I was still clean. I passed the drug test I was trying to get clean for, and that’s why it’s the only detox pill I can really honestly and strongly recommend.


So look, the conclusion of my detailed Toxin Rid review is that it’s the best detox pill you can buy. It’s not a magic pill, it’s not a miracle, you have to do the hard job alongside it.

But the Toxin Rid 10 day course should be enough to get even the most chronic user clean. You can even add extra days to the course at $15 a day on the Test Clear website, the only place you can buy real Toxin Rid pills from.

So there really is no excuse for not getting clean to genuinely pass a drug test, as long as you get a couple of weeks’ notice. Just make sure that you buy the home drug test kits, as these are gold dust for monitoring your progress.

However, be aware that cannabis metabolites can bind to fat in the body. So you could test clean for a few days, and then some of the lingering metabolites work their way out and you then fail a test again. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor your progress, and give yourself quite a few days after the conclusion of your Toxin Rid 10 day detox to make sure you are genuinely free of toxins.