There are many ways to pass a drug test, detox pillsDetox drinks both work very well, but none of them are the best. In my opinion, the absolute best way to pass a drug test is synthetic urine. There are so many brands of fake urine on the market, a few years ago, if the temperature was right you could have passed your test easily.

Labs did not check the formula of your sample, didn’t test for uric acid, urea, and other chemicals, if it was between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit and it has the yellow color you were good to go, but not anymore.

That’s why many brands that used to have a good reputation are completely useless now. Magnum, Xstream, U pass, Jet, Ultra Klean Urine and Agent X are all crap, do not even think about using any of these, you will fail your test, it’s guaranteed.

In this synthetic urine review, I will tell what my go-to synthetic urine brands are for passing a drug test, what makes them the best, and where can you buy them.

What Makes A Synthetic Urine Good

There are a couple of chemicals that must be present in your sample if you want to pass your test. The most important ones are uric acid and urea. It must also be balanced for PH and specific gravity. There are some other essential chemicals, but to be honest i don’t know what they are.

Uric acid and urea are the chemicals that everyone always mentions, but there is one more thing that must not be in your sample. Biocide is a preservative additive some brands of synthetic urine, and this unnatural chemical is used to lengthen the shelf life.

If biocide is in your sample and the lab is looking for these specific chemicals then you are in big trouble. Unfortunately, most brands still contain biocide. You can read more about fake urine brands that contain biocides here.

How To Keep Fake Urine Warm

If you are facing a urine sample drug test, then there’s only one thing you can do to affect the result, and that’s to make sure that you submit your sample within the right temperature range.

Human urine exits the body within a surprisingly narrow temperature range of between 96°F and 100°F, and normally around 98°F. Legally, to allow for cooling as you submit the sample and hand it over, any sample will be accepted as long as the temperature is 90°F or above (obviously still not exceeding 100°F, as that would mean you are so ill you shouldn’t be walking, or the sample is fake).

To achieve keeping the sample warm, it’s not enough to strap it to your body. Because the external temperature could mean that it is kept too cool. That’s why every brand of synthetic urine includes a heating method, usually a heatpad. This is a simple air activated pad that emits gentle heat over several hours.

Heatpads are great as long as they don’t fail. If they emit erratic heat, or they emit it too quickly, then the sample could still be at the wrong temperature when you submit it.

The other option is heat activator powder. Only two brands on the market, both made by Clear Choice, currently use heat activator powder. The brands are Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

Heat activator powder doesn’t really keep the sample warm for long. In fact, you don’t even need to put in before you leave to submit your sample. All you have to do is add heat activator powder outside the testing facility until it gets to the right temperature, then go in and submit it.

So it’s far easier, and you have complete control over the sample temperature. But you are paying for this, which is why those two types of synthetic urine cost more than double the price of every other fake urine products you can buy.

Can You Pass Any Type Of Test With Fake Urine?

The more money that is paid to commission a test, the more complex the test will be. They will test for more substances (panels), and the complexity of the validity tests will be more in-depth as well, meaning they are more likely to spot a fake sample.

But for a basic pre-employment drug test, where they are only going to pay the lowest price, brands of synthetic urine that are complex enough to contain all the basics like urea, uric acid, and creatine, will be good enough. But there are still only a few brands which look like the real thing and don’t also contain biocide. Quick Fix is a good example of synthetic urine that’s good enough for a basic drug test.

If you are facing a more advanced type of urine drug test, or you simply don’t know what the level of the test is going to be, then you need a brand that is highly complex so that it closely mimics human urine.

Only two products on the market meet that criteria. Quick Luck and Sub Solution, both made by Clear Choice. They look like urine, smell like it, froth like it. They will pass a visual check.

But they are also the most complex formulas, containing everything that human urine does. Even lab technicians admit they can’t spot the difference. And you get the bonus of the heat activator powder, which gives you complete control over the temperature of the sample you are submitting.

So if you’re serious about passing a urine sample drug test, then Quick Luck or Sub Solution are definitely the way to go. Quick Luck is the most complex and expensive at $100, but you’re getting heat activator powder, plus heatpads if you want to use them, and the most complex formula on the market.

Best Synthetic Urine Brands 2019

There are only 5 fake urine brands that I would ever consider recommending to anyone. From 5, I would say 3 are just okay, they are good enough to pass a simple pre-employment test and two are recommended for any kind of test if you can keep the sample warm, and you can hide it and smuggle it to the testing room you will pass ANY drug test easily, guaranteed.

  1. Clear Choice Quick Luck

I would say this is your best bet if you are facing a urine test. It’s manufactured by Clear Choice, they are the number one detox product manufacturer in the united states. It contains 15 + different chemicals, with urea and uric acid both present in the sample. It doesn’t contain biocide, so you won’t face the problem of that being detected. Quick Luck is premixed urine, which makes it easy to use, plus it comes with both heat activator powder and heating pads. Heat activator powder is the best way to keep your sample at the correct temperature. It’s super easy to use, and it heats up your sample in as little as 5 seconds. Quick Luck is the most expensive synthetic urine kit on the market, one bottle costs $100.

  1. Clear Choice Sub Solution

The second best synthetic urine brand is Sub Solution. It used to be the best for many years, but Quick Luck took first place in 2018. These two brands are almost the same, they are both extremely high quality and both can pass any drug test.  There are a very few differences between them, such as Quick luck contains a few more chemicals (I am not sure if it makes any difference or not), while Sub Solution is a powdered urine kit, which means you need to mix the urine powder with lukewarm water before using it.

Sub Solution comes with heat activator powder, while Quick luck comes with handwarmer and heat activator as well. This means you can use the heatpad to keep the sample warm on the way to the lab, which could be handy if adding heat activator powder before you go inside the building to submit your sample could be problematic. The price difference is 20 bucks. Quick Luck costs $100 while Sub Solution is only $80.

  1. Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

The third brand is Quick Fix, it has been around for 20+ years, its a reputable fake urine brand just like Clear Choice. It doesn’t contain uric acid and according to some rumors it contains biocides, plus is has a slightly unnatural color.  Do not misunderstand me, its a great synthetic urine brand and I would recommend it for a simple pre-employment drug test, but if the test is an important one, or you know its gonna be a 10 or 12-panel lab test, I would always go with the above-mentioned brands. Quick fix urine costs only $39, so Sub Solution is twice as expensive, but you get what you pay for.

  1. Serious Monkey Bizzness Monkey Whizz

The fourth choice you have is Monkey Whizz, from a company called Serious Monkey Bizzness. It’s comparable to Quick Fix in terms of its chemical composition. For me, it also looks a slightly more realistic, it doesn’t look quite as green, it looks more like the yellow we all recognize.

The confusion with Monkey Whizz is that it’s not actually what the urine product is, it’s the name of one of the products in the range the company makes. The actual basic synthetic urine product that contains premixed urine and a heatpad, basically the same as Quick Fix, is the “Monkey Flask” product. It cost about the same as Quick Fix, $39 for one bottle.

So the Monkey Flask, or Monkey Whizz if you want an incognito belt to use instead, is plenty good enough for a basic drug test. But just like Quick Fix, I wouldn’t recommend it for more advanced testing. If a drug test really matters to you, I’d still go with Sub Solution or Quick Luck.

  1. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

This is a little-known product, which is surprising considering is made by Test Clear, who like Clear Choice are another of the most trustworthy names out there. As you’ve guessed from the name, it’s powdered urine, so it’s like Sub Solution in composition.

This is a good product, make no mistake. It’s $50, so far cheaper than Sub Solution, but it is a complex formula. Not as complex as Sub Solution is, but good enough for a very basic drug test. Plus, it definitely doesn’t contain biocide.

On top of that, although it uses a heat pad, it’s far more intelligent than the usual heat pad you just have to strap to the sample with an elastic band. The heat pad with this urine has a sticky side that you stick directly to urine sample, so there’s no problem with it coming off. Plus it’s designed to fit exactly, making it very comfortable and discreet. This is definitely a “middle ground” product to consider, but not as good as sub Solution and Quick Luck.

Get Practicing…With The Practice Kit

I thought I’d finish this piece on using synthetic urine by telling you about how important it is to practice before you actually go and submit your fake sample. How can you know how well a sample will hold up the temperature on the journey? How easy is it to prepare?

That’s why the “practice kit” from Clear Choice is such a brilliant solution. The first time you get everything you need except the synthetic urine. So for a much lower price, you can do practice runs using water.

You get heatpads, heat activator powder, the same vial as with Sub Solution and Quick Luck, everything except the actual fake urine. So you can use water to do a couple of test runs. See how quickly it heats up, see how easy it is to do. Go on the journey to the lab, and check the temperature outside. Prepare yourself for the day knowing with certainty that you are in control.

It’s quite expensive on its own, but if you buy it with Quick Luck or Sub Solution you get a great combination deal, save you quite a bit of money. If it’s your first time up for a urine sample drug test, I’d actually say it’s essential to practice, and this kit makes it easy to do that.

Conclusion Of This Synthetic Urine Review

So there you go, I hope this quick guide has been useful to you. Synthetic urine is definitely the way to pass a urine sample drug test as long as you choose the right brand, and get it to the submission container at the right temperature.

Plus, you have to choose the right brand of synthetic urine:

  1. Quick Luck Synthetic Urine: The absolute best synthetic urine for a drug test
  2. Sub Solution: Second best fake urine, but it’s not a premixed kit
  3. Quick Fix6.2: Perfect choice for a basic pre-employment test
  4. Monkey Whizz Urine: Same quality Quick Fix
  5. Testclear’s Powdered urine: Never used before, but it has a good reputation

You’ll see tons of people moaning online that synthetic urine failed them a drug test. But most of these people bought a bad quality synthetic urine kit or actually just submitted it at the wrong temperature. So they were in control but failed to do the right thing. Please don’t make that mistake, which is why practicing and being informed is so crucial.