I really was excited when I read that Clear Choice urine had a new product out called Quick Luck. I’ve used Sub Solution to pass real-life drug tests, so an upgraded version of that sounded exciting. So that’s why I’ve done this Quick Luck synthetic urine review.

I’m going to tell you about how it stacks up against Sub Solution, and also another top brand called Quick Fix.

I’ll also cover the one-step instructions on how to use Quick Luck, explain what it contains that makes it so awesome, and how to use it from my own experience to stand the best possible chance of passing a drug test.

About Clear Choice Urine Products

Clear Choice urine products consisted purely of Sub Solution up until the launch of Quick Luck. Sub Solution quickly became established as the top brand of synthetic urine you can buy, and Quick Luck builds on this.

Although Sub Solution cost twice the price of many of the other brands out that already existed, it was basically twice as good.

Quick Luck is even better than Sub Solution, and continues that pedigree established by Clear Choice Sub Solution for producing the best synthetic urine.

How Good Is Quick Luck?

 Quick Luck is definitely the most complex and high-quality synthetic urine brand on the market today.

Everything you’re looking for in fake urine to mimic the real thing is covered by Quick Luck:

  • Contains urea, uric acid, and creatine
  • Contains many other chemicals found in human urine
  • Is within the correct specific gravity range and pH range
  • Doesn’t contain the trackable preservative called biocide
  • Looks, smells, and froths like real urine
  • Is premixed the convenience
  • Uses heat activator powder rather than the less reliable heat pad option

So what you’re getting is Sub Solution but taken up another level. Clear Choice state that Quick Luck is a more complex formula than Sub Solution. So even though Sub Solution is updated annually, you’re getting a more complex formula that’s still also updated annually.

Both use heat activator powder, but you also get a pair of very good quality heatpads with the Quick Luck kit. So you get even more options to keep it warm until you submit it.

On top of all that, Quick Luck is premixed. So you don’t have to mess around with water. You just heat Quick Luck up, and it’s good to go.

How To Use Quick Luck Urine

Quick Luck instructions are the simplest you will find, literally anybody will be successful at submitting a sample within the right temperature because the instructions on how to use Quick Luck consist of one step:

  1. You have three options for getting the sample to the right temperature. Use the heat activator powder, heatpads, or a combination of both. You can also use a microwave initially as well if you want.

You don’t have to heat the sample up at all prior to leaving. You can just add the heat activator powder outside the testing building. If you want a bit more insurance, and you don’t want to risk having a long wait inside the building, then probably the best strategy is to use a microwave or heat activator powder get it at the right temperature, keep it warm the heatpad, and then just adjust the temperature upwards if necessary outside using more heat activator powder.

  1. Submit your sample.

So as you can, really is only one step to using Quick Luck, get it to the right temperature, and then top up the heat with the heat activator powder if necessary.

Clear Choice Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

I’ve already compared Quick Luck to Sub Solution. But to reiterate, you get the convenience of it being premixed, you get the ability to use heat activator powder and a heatpad to keep the sample at the right temperature, and it’s a more complex formula.

Sub Solution is head and shoulders above Quick Fix 6.2. Quick Fix is another brand of synthetic urine that costs half the price of Sub Solution. It’s not as complex, and uses just the heatpad to get it warm, so you will need time or microwave.

So it stands to reason that Quick Luck is going to be even more superior to Quick Fix. If you want a budget option, you just don’t care, or you can’t get your hands on Clear Choice urine products, then fine, use Quick Fix.

If you want the ultimate in convenience and quality, then Quick Fix and Sub Solution are definitely the way to go. Sub Solution is plenty good enough, and I use it myself. But if you want to go a step further, then Quick Fix is definitely a hundred dollars well invested.

I’ll also point out here that it’s perfect for on the spot drug testing. So if you’re a lorry driver for example, and you know you might get asked to go off to submit a sample on the spot, then as long as you’ve got a sample in your cab, or in your locker (or car, or three), then with just a minutes notice, you can tap in the heat activator powder, and go and submit a sample that’s complex and within the right temperature range.

Where To Buy Quick Luck

I’d only ever recommend you buy Quick Luck from the main Clear Choice webstore. There are two reasons for that.

Firstly, you know you are getting the real deal. There are fakes out there, and you don’t want to get caught out.

Secondly, you can buy other products with it. I would recommend you get your hands on something called “the practice kit“. If you buy Quick Luck, you get it for a great price as a combo deal.

The practice kit contains everything that Quick Luck does apart from the premixed urine. You simply substitute the urine with water, and you can then practice heating it up using a microwave, heatpads, heat activator powder, whichever combination of those you want, and then rehearse transporting it to see how it reacts.

So the conclusion of this Quick Luck synthetic urine review is that it is 100% the most complex formula on the market. Learning how to use Quick Luck is really simple to do, it’s literally one step, get it warm and submit it. It really is the perfect solution.