Addiction to street drugs often leads to extreme measures and discovering faster ways to get a high. From chasing the first high to finding ways to get even higher. This is the ultimate goal of an addict, finding out how to get higher.

The same holds true to prescription drugs. The body tolerance builds and the high doesn’t seem to be as effective. First, the dose goes up. Then, after some time new ways of ingestion are discovered. Grinding pills in order to snort or smoke them is nothing new.

Why Snort Hydrocodone

Snorting any drug increases the rate at which it enters your bloodstream. The nostril is packed with blood vessels and tiny capillaries. These capillaries are covered under a very thin, translucent layer of skin. It doesn’t take long for anything inhales through the nostrils to penetrate the skin and vessel walls. From that point it is rapidly spread out through the bloodstream.

Hydrocodone or any other drug for that matter takes effect within a minute or two. In this case, when compared with swallowing which takes up to a half hour to take effect. The health concern is in the immediate effect.

Effects of Snorting Hydrocodone

Effects are immediate and intensified and unlike ingesting, snorting has its own list of side effects.

  1. Nasal damage
  2. Damage to the sinus cavities
  3. Elevated risk of addiction
  4. Elevated risk of overdose
  5. Increased chances of dependency

Here is a discussion on the dangers of snorting

Is it Dangerous to Snorting Hydrocodone?

All drugs carry risk, snorting drugs increases that risk. So the dangers of Hydrocodone are also magnified. Because the effects are so sudden and come without warning, the obvious risk of overdosing in raised. When in pill form the effective dose is higher. This is do to the process of metabolising. The liver and other organs absorb and break down the metabolites.

When snorted, the effective dose is less than a fraction. To avoid overdose, look out for the warning signs: Vomiting, dizziness, loss of consciousness, seizures and clammy or pale skin.

Can You Snort Hydrocodone?

Yes, the pills can be crushed into a powder and snorted. Yes, it does give you a high and faster than it would in pill form. Should you snort it?, NO, by all means. You should never alter the form of any medications, period. Even splitting a pill in half can have adverse side effects. Some medication are sealed in time release coatings that slow spread the dose throughout a certain amount of time.

Pharmaceutical drugs like Hydrocodone can be potentially deadly even in standard pill form. Once the Hydrocodone pills are crushed into powder they can be extremely dangerous.

What Happens if You Snort Hydrocodone?

Since it’s difficult to grind Hydrocodone pills finally, a majority of it will be ingested after sniffing. If someone was to try snorting Hydrocodone, the first thing they would feel is an itch that slowly turns into a mild burn in the nasal cavity. Soon after that, within a minute a warm rush will come over the body as the medication kicks in. What comes next is to be expected from this medication. A downer type of high that makes the body feel a little heavier than usual with some drowsiness.

Most drugs that come in a pill form are mixed with “filler”. This can be a number of substances meant to add more volume to the medication. Once snorted, the filler might clog the nose and lead to waste.

They high will be shorter than usual do to the quick release and your body’s attempt to normalise.

Is Snorting Effective way to Take This Medication?

Snorting Hydrocodone is not as effective as taking orally. This is do to the compound and how the pills are constructed. Although you will “feel” it a lot sooner that you would orally, the medication’s half life is reduced. This is all while the health risks are maximized.

If you are currently prescribed Hydrocodone, take it as recommended by your doctor. All pharmaceuticals are tested and created to serve at its maximum efficiency, while keeping health risks down. If you’re thinking about snorting for a high, think again. It’s illegal, dangerous and very ineffective.