Maybe you only use coke on weekends or binge every now and then. You probably don’t think using cocaine every now and then is an issue. But the truth is, cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. With regular use, even for short periods, its common to start noticing the warning signs of addiction.

Are You Addicted?

A common question for anyone thats dealing with coke cravings.  Cravings are considered to be the very first signs of addiction. It doesn’t matter if it was the first time you have every tried cocaine. Or if your cravings come after you get over a coke binge.

This is when you think about using cocaine or the urges to continue using cocaine after you stop. I’m not talking about an after thought. Or if something like drinking reminds you of using. Cravings at time can be very hard to resist and may require professional treatment.

If you have trouble dealing with and give into cravings, your risk for addiction is very high. The best bet would be to avoid coke and any other addictive substances.

How long does it take to become addicted to coke?

May be your thinking about trying cocaine and want to keep a “safe” limit on use. Or may be your just curious as to how much cocaine an you take before developing an addiction.

Answering this question can be misleading

Some say that you have to use coke constantly and for certain amount of time before you get hooked. Or that there is a magical about of blow you can use without becoming addicted.

The truth is, there is a risk of getting hooked on blow even after just one bump

Before you get upset and start calling me out, take this into consideration.

  • All addicts tried cocaine first
  • Just one bump triggers a dopamine spike
  • You can’t tell If you are genetically prone to cocaine addiction without trying it first

Yes, for most of us it may take time to develop physical and psychological addiction to coke. But, don’t ignore the very real risks involved with coke and other illicit drugs.

How long does it take to become addicted to coke?

How To Stop Thinking About Cocaine

So no matter the case, if you have used cocaine and can’t stop thinking about it, here are a few tips. But first, it’s important to remember these two things:

  • Why you decided to stop using
  • Cravings don’t last forever

Those two points are very closely related to each other. At times cravings can become so overwhelming that you forget that you decided to stop using.

Stay Busy

Probably the best advice any one can get. If you are constantly thinking about using cocaine, do something that occupies your attention.

By focusing on tasks at hand, you are able to take control of your thoughts. Guiding your attention to better and more important things

Visit Family

Spending time with family can be very rewarding. Be an active family member by getting involved and lending a hand.

Help around the house, start a project or just actively watch over younger siblings. Most of the time thats all it takes to get get your mind off of doing blow.

Be Neighborly

Did you know that helping out a strangers can trigger the reward centers in the brain? It could be as simple helping the elderly cross the street, or lending a helping hand to someone in need.

Not only will you forget about cocaine for a short period. You are also using the active craving to rewiring your brains dopamine triggers.

Thats right, helping others helps you get over coke, makes you happier and can also be addictive, in a good way.

Stay Positive

Snorting coke causes a very complex chain reaction in the brain. Ultimately producing an abnormal spike in dopamine thats unmaintainable. This spike leads to a crash that results in persistent, but temporary depression.

Don’t fall into this trap, stay positive and move on. Watch a comedy, joke around with friends or just change your train of thought.


Not only will sleep help your brain recover and detox from cocaine, you allowing your brain to processes the days events. This can be extremely helpful for anyone thats focused on quiting blow altogether.

OK, so that may be easier said then done. Insomnia is one of the known symptom of withdrawal. Do what you can to get your Z’s.

Go to the gym to burn extra energy, drink chamomile tea or just do what every it is that works for you.

What Works For You?

How are you able to get your mind off coke. Share your story, it might help others get over coke and avoid addiction. We are always interested in hearing from others.