Drug Test Detection of JWH 018, K2 and Other Synthetics

Synthetic drugs have gained popularity due to their availability, price and potency. Because of the availability of these drugs,many also see them as legal alternative to illegal drugs. But, the legal system is quickly catching on. By outlawing not just the compound, but any alterations to their chemical structure. Unfortunately, manufacturers have created so many variations, that authorities still run into complications when testing these compounds.

Effects of JWH

One of the most well known synthetic drugs is JWH-018, or as it’s commonly known K2 / Spice. Has made quite a few headlines. It’s marketed as a synthetic marijuana, but the effects of the High from JWH 018 is nothing like the marijuana. Although it is an agonist of cb1/cb2, similar to THC. The potency makes it more psychedelic and dangerous.

Detection of Synthetic Marijuana

A major misconception many have is that the synthetic is not detectable. This is completely false. Although there may be some newer compounds on the market, synthetics for the most part are currently detectable in urine drug tests.  Although standard 5 panel drug tests do not test for synthetics, K2 and spice will probably be included sometime in the future. So, unless specified, even though they are detectable, most screenings do not check for them.

Spice / K2  Drug Tests

Spice or K2 drug testing is really a screening for a number of known synthetic compounds. More of a blanket screening that tests for the presences of, but not limited to the following:

Synthetic Marijuana Urine Drug Test:

  • JWH 018
  • JWH 073
  • JWh 200
  • CP 47
  • CP 497
  • CP47, 497 C8

The list of compounds is growing, with more Spice alternatives added as they are discovered. The cost of testing is still fairly high. This makes it more specialized. Unless directly requested, public testing is not common. The Military does include K Spice in all drug testing. This is important as its using these drugs does violate protocol.

How To Pass a Drug Test for K2, Spice and Synthetic Marijuana

THC is a fat soluble compound that can remain in your system for up to and over 3 months after use. There is no indication that synthetic marijuana does not remain in your system for that long if not longer after use.  In Order to speed up the detox processes for drug testing purposes it’s important to stop any use of synthetic or illicit drugs, stay hydrated and active.

Tips for Passing:

  • Stop all drug use
  • Stay hydrated and clear out your system by drinking lots of fluids
  • Get active, sweat helps you expel toxins
  • Cut out carbohydrates for a short period before the test
  • Replenish your system with a Detox Drink before being tested

It’s important to understand that just like any other drug, synthetics are dangerous and addictive. Some may consider K2, Spice and all synthetics to be more addictive than Marijuana.