It doesn’t matter if you have used cocaine once, or have been using Cocaine for years. Anyone recovering from Cocaine use will go through a “detox” period. This is the time it takes for your system to eliminate the metabolites or toxins that are the by products of drug use. The detox period is the time it takes to clean out cocaine from your body.

There are two possible ways you can detox:

1 – Naturally: This means drinking plenty of fluids and allowing your system to natural cleanse. This process will usually take longer.

2 – Detox products: These products are usually in the form of drinks, powders and pills. They can speed up the detox product or at least allow you to test clean of any drugs for a short period of time.э

If you decide to naturally detox from cocaine, or without the aid of any detox products. It’s important to understand that detox times may vary. If you have only used cocaine once, expect to naturally detox from cocaine within 2 to 3 days. This time-line is usually accurate no matter your body or amount of hydration. While a heavy user may take 12 days to a month to naturally clear out cocaine from their system.

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Of course you can try to speed up the body’s natural cleansing. For example,  by staying well hydrated, exercising and eating right. You can reduce the amount of time it takes to get cocaine out of your system.

Detox Product can also help you get coke out of your system by supplying the body with vitamins and minerals. These minerals, like zinc and niacin for example,  are known to assist the body’s natural cleansing.

Another reason most detox product have became popular is for short term detox. Some detox drinks are able to eliminate toxins for a short amount of time. This can allow someone to take a urine test and pass although they may have taken illicit drugs within 24hr.

In conclusion, Cocaine is a water soluble drug. This makes it one of the easier drugs to clean out. If you decide to naturally get coke out of your system remember these points.

  • Natural takes longer
  • Amount and duration of use increase dramatically increases detox times
  • May not be the best method when faced with pending urine screening

That being said, a natural approach can be more beneficial to anyone trying to recover from addiction. This is because addiction recovery takes time. Short-cuts, like detox drinks might help you pass a drug test, but can also give a false sense of recovery.

Although the metabolites may not be detectable, the physiological effects of addiction and dependency take longer to repair.