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How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your Urine

Urine Cocaine Test

Cocaine is known to be one of the most addictive drugs, along with crack a freebase form of the same drug. This strong stimulant is most commonly snorted but it can also be inhaled and even injected.

What makes Cocaine so addictive is its effects on the brain’s reward system. Within a minute or two of just a small dose. This stimulant triggers a dramatic change in the brain’s chemistry. Spiking the naturally occurring “reward” hormone, well past the natural levels. This is turn drops and leads to cravings. With just a short use period, the risk of developing dependence or addiction is high.

How is Cocaine Detected

Once used, Cocaine is metabolised by the body and made available to the blood stream. Two of the most commonly known metabolites is Norcocaine and Benzoylecgonine. These two metabolites along with a few others are know to be “markers” for cocaine use. This is because no other drug can metabolise into them.

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Norcocaine, a minor metabolite of cocaine is also an active by-product. It is also being investigated for medical use. Detection for drug testing purposes is somewhat controversial. The presence of Norcocaine can indicate that the person is currently high on cocaine, or has come in contact with the drug, residual.

Benzoylecgonine, on the other hand is the primary indicator of cocaine use. Its presence in urine is an accurate indicator of Cocaine use. No other drug can is converted into benzoylecgonine. This makes it the perfect metabolite for detection in urine.

How Long is Cocaine Detectable in Urine

Cocaine itself has a very short half life. On average, Cocaine is usually completely metabolised within an hour of use. This doesn’t mean that it’s out of your system as quickly, the metabolites can linger for much longer and variables like, use, amount and frequency play a major role in detox times.

Benzoylecgonine the major indicator of use can be detectable from 6 hours to 6 days after last use in urine. With binge or heavy use detectable for 10 days or more after use:

benzoylecgonine persists in urine at detectable concentrations from 2-4 days. Chronic, heavy use of cocaine can result in detectable amounts of benzoylecgonine in urine for up to 10 days following a binge.” – NHTSA.gov

It’s important to note that these detox times are after one time use. For example, a bump of coke can be detectable in UA for 2-4 days. A night of heavy use or a one night binge on cocaine is detectable for 10 days. But a week of cocaine use can leave a higher concentration of metabolites that will extend detox time over the 10 day / 2 week period.

So, a regular cocaine user can test positive for coke for over a month if no there was no effort to detox

This is important for anyone recovering from cocaine addiction to realize. It’s important to keep a positive but realistic view on events. Don’t expect to pass a urine drug test for cocaine too quickly. This can lead to false expectations and even relapse. It’s important to give yourself time to heal and your body the time and nutrition it needs to recover.

Faster Cocaine Detox

Specifically for urinalysis, detox times can be cut short by a number of detox methods. From drinking more fluids, exercise or by the use of detox products. The method that works best for you is determined by your needs and how quickly you need to eliminate cocaine metabolites.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to test clean after cocaine use is a one hour detox. Most detoxes can come in pill, powder or ready to drink form. These product may increase the detox rate, but are more of a mask, that can hide metabolites for a short time.

It’s always best to follow a health regime of exercise, diet and drinking plenty of fluids.


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