The availability of pharmaceutical opioids has created a global addiction epidemic. Those that have tried to quit opiates cold turkey are confronted with withdrawal symptoms that can vary from cravings to physical pain. In extreme cases, opioid withdrawal can even result in death.

Commonly, the side effects of opioid withdrawal can be divided into two categories, physical and emotional. There is also a degree of intensity that varies person to person. In most cases withdrawal requires professional medical help. Unfortunately, other opioids like Suboxone, is used to treat withdrawal. Suboxone itself is very addictive and can lead to further issues.

Natural Alternative Treatments

In Order to avoid the loop of addiction that traditional treatments create, natural alternative can be used. N-Acetylcysteine (NAC ) is inexpensive and readily available in most health supplements stores.

NAC is an amino acid, a building block for protein that is very well known in the bodybuilding, fitness community. It can also be used to treat a variety of medical conditions and illnesses. Recent studies have also discovered how effective NAC can be in reducing withdrawal symptoms.

Dosing NAC for Withdrawal Symptoms

Is NAC safe?
Using N-Acetylcysteine to treat withdrawal is generally safe. But there may be possible issues with some users. It’s important to sample with a small or single dose first before deciding to go ahead with a regimen.

  • If pregnant consult your doctor first before using
  • NAC is a blood thinner that can create issues with people that have bleeding disorders.
  • If inhaled, may cause Bronchospasm with asthma sufferers
  • Slows blood clotting
  • Possible allergy to NAC

How to Dose

As stated earlier, although the risks are very low, it’s important test for tolerance first. You can do this by simply taking a half a dose to one full dose and assessing its effects. If you don’t experience any ill effects, it should be safe to move forward.

NAC is available in two forms, pills and powder. Powder is cheaper but can lead to dosing issues and better off avoided. Pills are usually available in 300mg and 600mg. 600mg capsules should work well no matter your sex or body weight.

The most common dosing is one to two capsules a day. Split into AM and PM doses. As an example:

  • Take one 600mg capsule before 12pm, with or without food
  • Second dose can be taken any where from 6pm to 10pm, depending on schedule and needs

Taking NAC with food may slow down absorption and help spread the doses over a longer period of time.

NAC is a wonderful supplement that has proven to provide a wide range of health benefits. Easing withdrawal is just one of many. If you are for any reason unsure of this regime, please reach out for professional help. In some cases, the use of additional pharmaceuticals may be needed.

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