Synthetic urine can be tricky. There has to currently be over 50 different brands available right on on the internet. How can you tell which is the best synthetic urine available? You search the internet for days on end and get mixed reviews. Some reviews might recommend one brand, meanwhile the same brand is getting bad reviews from another site.

You can just Skip to the bottom, But I don’t suggest it. Read this stuff first!

So, How Do you Know Which is the Best?

The best way would be to just go out and test every brand out there, but that would be costly and take way too much time. So what I decided to do is reach out for real reviews from people that have already tried fake pee and ask which one works!

But I didn’t Stop There!

After reading a few reviews and asking a few question, I found out it’s not just that easy. From the information I gathered, although one brand of fake pee passes. It might be difficult to use and cause problems.

Issues People Have with Synthetic Pee

OK, so I found out that there are about three brands that work. That means labs can’t tell the difference, they pass for real urine. Great, so you can use any of those, right? Well, technically you can but out of those three there has to be a champ. One that’s the most reliable.

Don’t Worry The Best Fake Pee Product is Coming Up!

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So, I found out that although all three can pass. People have run into other problems with them that may have affected the results. So here are common issues people have had with these synthetics.

  • Not enough in the bottle
  • Can’t get it to the right temperature
  • Can’t keep it at the right temperature
  • Hard to stash
  • Just to cumbersome and clumsy

Blurry OfficerAnyone of these problems can make the difference. For example, if urine is not within the acceptable temperature range, its discarded. Period, it doesn’t even matter if it’s real or not. If it’s too hot or too cold it gets tossed!

Also, there is a certain amount of urine they expect. If you have ever had a lab urine test, I’m sure you can remember the lab tech telling you, “Fill it up to this line”. So, what do you think happens if you don’t get close to that line? Yep, you guessed it.

You Want a Sure Thing, Right?

Keep reading, let’s make this totally foolproof.

Now, you understand why it’s important to rate these products, not only by. “ if they can pass labs tests”, but also by, ease of use and efficiency. I decided to give you a choice and let you decide for yourself.

First, Let me make a suggestion!

This is only a tip, you don’t really need this, but it’s up to you and really depends on your situation.

You may have heard of the Whizzinator. It’s very popular and has been around for years. The reason it’s so successful is because it actually looks like a penis. You fill it with fake pee and pull it out when you need it.

The problem with the Whizzinator!

It costs way too much. The old version is over $100 and the newer one is close to $300, Ouch! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking it. It’s the best out, if that’s exactly what you need. But, what if I told you, you can make something like it, minus the fake penis.

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The Belly Bag!, it’s great. Once you preheat the synthetic urine, use a syringe to fill this bag up. Tie it around your waist and rubber band the heat pad to the outside. Because its holds it close to your body, maintaining the right temp is easy. It also makes carrying it around a lot more convenient.

But, really it’s up to you. If you think it’s going to complicate things don’t use it. You want everything to go as smoothly as possible. If you have time and a few extra dollars, get it. Try it out and test it at home. If it works out for you, you’re going to love it.

But I’m probably boring the hell out of you, So here is the best Synthetic Urine!

Synthetic Urine KitWhy is it the best out? Not only can it pass the current lab tests. Its also everything you need in one package. The price point it also unbeatable, on top of that Free Fast Shipping from this retailer!

Ok, so What’s included? : The kit includes 4 to 6oz of liquid synthetic pee in a container that has a temp strip and two handy heat pads.

There’s no mixing needed, it works for men and women and supposedly has a long shelf life.

I suggest it because every review pass, so far…It’s an all in one that’s easy to prep and use when you need it. Also staying within the temp range is easy with 2 pads and you can check the strip to make sure.


Let me know what you think, have you used this on before?