Getting Over Early Stage Withdrawals

Anyone one facing addiction knows how challenging it can be to quit. The best advice you’ll ever get from a recovering user is, “never get hooked”.

It may already be too late, once the sighs and symptoms of addiction start t become noticeable by friends or family. There is no safe limit, using even once can lead to addiction and change the course of your life.

Here are a few ways you can beat early withdrawal symptoms at home.

Recognize Your Habit

We will briefly go over this topic. You can learn more about the early signs by reading more articles on this site.

Here are some waning signs that you may have already noticed:

  • Thinking about your next hit immediately after you last bump
  • Feeling that theres a decrease in potency
  • Needed more to get high
  • Initial rush is gone

These are signs of developing tolerance to cocaine through repeated and frequent use. As your bodies chemistry makes adjustments to a constant or regular increase of synthetic dopamine release.

It tries to reach an equilibrium and regulate the bursts of dopamine caused by cocaine. This processes is called building a tolerance. At this state of abuse, you may quickly decline into depression with a sense of low energy towards life. These feelings are temporarily relived by addicts by repeated using.

Taking notice before anyone else does

If you are aware of your declining situation before anyone else is. The odds of overcoming dependency are good, but you need to stay determined and level headed.

If others have already notice your habit, its OK. It’s never too late to get help. Getting addicted to coke is something that can happen to anyone. Seeking treatment is always the right choice at any stage.

Getting Over Coke Withdrawals at Home

It’s not going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Sometimes taking the time to escape your usual environment is what you need to deal with life issues.

Here are a few ways you can set aside time for yourself.

Time to unplug from coke

  • Unplug

Get away from the all the electronic interference in your life. Put your phone on airplane mode, or just shut it off and put it away. Type up an auto response for your email and getting vacation mode.

Shut off live TV and radio. Listen to your favorite music or watch a movie without all the ads. Better yet, don’t turn any of it on and read a book.

  • Get away

Plan a weekend away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. Find a getaway thats will give you time to escape with friends that don’t drink or use coke, or by your self.

If you enjoy the woods, find a cabin, the beach, find a small resort. Your goal is to try to get close with loved ones and tune into nature.

  • Drama Free

Sometimes you cant totally unplug or get away, thats fine. Try to identify those people in your life that bring you down or add additional drama to your life. It might be a friend thats always giving you grief or chats too much about other people and there problems.

The idea is, your taking time to deal with your own emotions, not theirs.

  • Cleanse your body

Sometime the buildup of toxins from coke use can make it harder to get through withdrawals. Try temporarily changing your diet, allowing your self time to flush.

Intermediate fasting is a great way to allow your body to naturally flush out and heal its self. If thats to extreme, try going vegan for a couple of day. Remember to drink plenty of water and the use of a coke cleanser like CertoClear can be beneficial.

  • Clear your head

One of the toughest skills to master when recovering from cocaine is staying still. It can be difficult to keep your body still and in peace. You mind is almost impossible to silence.

Meditation doesn’t have to be a mystical thing that takes years to master. It can actually be as simple as taking an hour to sit down, focus on breathing and watching the sun set.

  • Don’t turn to other drugs

Advice is free and most of the time worthless. People you know and even professionals tend to turn to drugs to soon. At the early stages, using medication to treat addiction is not the best idea.

Even smoking pot to “take the edge off” is not a good option. Deal with your emotions don’t try to escape them. Identify the issues and your current state of mind.

Understand the power of coke and how addictive it is. Use this knowledge to push you forth and stay motivated toward a drug free life.

You Beat Coke Withdrawal, Whats the Next Step

Hopefully you are able to take control your cocaine habit, before it takes control of you. Take life one step at a time and stay away from those toxic elements in your life. Keep positive and move ahead. Find positive motivation and develop goals, but also recognize that we all need to take a break from time to time.

If you relapse and found it too hard to escape for such a short period, it may be time to get help.

Theres no shame in getting professional help for your issues. The shame is in letting them go by untreated, when you could have just made a call.