Methadone is a highly addictive medication thats used to combat opiate addiction. This drug was originally introduce for pain management, but it’s main use today is treat drug addiction. A doctor may prescribe it as part of a detoxification program for heroin or other opiates.

Unfortunately, Methadone is often just a trade off, from one addiction to another. If have used and developed an addiction to methadone. You may have discovered how hard it is kick the habit and get off methadone.

“You can use a detox to pass a drug test, but this will not alleviate withdraws”

Knowing what to expect is the key to success. In some cases, professional treatment may not be necessary, so you may be able to kick the habit at home. But it’s important to know your limitations, always consult with your physician first!

Withdrawal support aids

Kicking methadone addiction will deplete your body of vitamins and minerals.  Although not evaluated by the FDA, natural herbal support supplement can be used to ease some symptoms and speed along recovery. One of the most popular support supplements is CalmSupport.

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Another herbal supplement commonly used to kick addiction is Kratom or Kava Kava. Both of which can usually be found in drug stores.

Dealing with Methadone Withdrawals

Addiction can lead to desperation and despair for most patients. At times this may cloud judgment and lead to over reliance. It’s important to understand that although your general practice physician may have the best intents, addictions should be handled by specialist in the field.Kicking a heroin habit with methadone requires specific knowledge that can not be obtained in general practices.

What withdrawal symptoms to expect

When ever attempting to quit opioids, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. Methadone withdrawal symptoms, commonly called “detoxing”, can start as soon as 24 to 30 hours after last use. A typical methadone detox can last a few weeks to a couple of months.

“The amount of time needed depends on the individual history of use”

The first signs of withdrawal may feel flu like. Muscle aches and pains, cramps, vomiting, chills and a fever are commonly reported. Other symptoms include the following:

  • insomnia
  • sweating
  • diarrhea
  • depression
  • strong cravings
  • teary eyes and runny nose

Expect symptoms to worsen through out the first week. The first week or two is also when urges to use will be at their peak.

How long does Methadone withdrawal last

As stated above the amount of time it takes to kick methadone depends on history of use. The longer you have been using methadone the longer you can expect to suffer from withdrawals. In most cases, symptoms subside after the first 2-3 weeks.

This is the period of time needed to recover from physical dependency. Psychological addiction can take years to get over. It’s important to reach out to a medical professional when preparing to quit.

Support groups are also a great tool for recovery. You can seek support from friends and family or even find addiction support group in your area.

Why quiting cold turkey may not work

Quiting cold turkey is when you discontinue use totally, without tapering off or gradually reducing dosage over time.

Quiting methadone cold turkey may not work for you. For most attempting to recover from methadone addiction, withdrawals can be at their worst cold turkey. There are plenty of success stories, but for some this test of will may be more than they can handle.

If you decide to quit methadone cold, be prepared mentally and physically. Medical assistance may also be needed, reaching out for professional help is recommended.